6th grade Supply List

Sabine Parish Approved School Supply List

School: Zwolle Elementary           Grade Level: 6th           Subject: All

Need to Have

Student Specific Items: (Please label with student name.)


package of clear page protectors

2- folders with prongs & pockets

package Dry-Erase Markers (Black only)

package of Red Pens

package of 3x3 inch sticky (post-it) notes

Social Studies & Science

two-inch three-ring binder (SS & Science use only)

package of dividers

composition notebook (or one subject notebook)

2- folders with prongs & pockets

package colored pencils


half-inch three-ring binder (ELAR use only)

composition notebook (or one subject notebook)

folder with prongs & pockets


Supplies needed for all subjects

6 packages of wide-rule Loose leaf paper

3 packages yellow highlighters

6 boxes 24 count pencils

3 pair of inexpensive ear buds


Nice to Have

Optional: (Please feel free to donate one or more of the following items.)

Facial tissues (example: Kleenex)

Disinfectant wipes (example: Clorox/Lysol)

Paper towels

Hand sanitizer

Copy paper

Zipper sandwich bags (example: Ziploc)



**Check with your child regularly to see that he/she has all the supplies needed.**

**Other items may be requested as the school year progresses.**