Isabelle is "Totally Terrific Me" this week. Spelling Bonus word:  multiplication

  Good site for Multiplication practice:  https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-3 http://seekoutlearning.blogspot.com/2014/09/9-science-centered-youtube-channels-for.html#.VCUeT5OH34A.diigo

 Monday, October 15th   End of 1st Quarter

  1. Math- Practice skip counting three’s to thirty-six.
  2. Math – x2 w.s. Be ready for the oral quiz on Wednesday.  We will play around the world!
  3. Memorize x3 facts for next Wednesday.
  4. Write spelling words in cursive one time.  Use 5 of the words in sentences. (Challenge:  ABC order)  Your spelling words can be found at the end of this newsletter!
  5. Scrap Book Page is due on Friday.  (This takes the place of Creative Writing this week.
  6. Memorize the 4th Bible Verse:  “This is My commandment:  love one another as I love you.”  (John 15:12)
  7. October Book Report is due Oct. 31st.
  8. Kinder Readers Wednesday:  Kylie, Olivia, Hazel, Siena, Madeleine, and Sydney.
  9. Read 15 mins.
  10.  Math Superstars –due Friday
  11.  Oral retest x7 facts (for a few). Quiz Wednesday

Optional Young Author’s Project is due on Wednesday, October 31stYoung Author’s Project

  1. Play First in Math


Tuesday, October 16th 

  1. Math-  w.s. and (Practice x2 facts)
  2. Math - x7 Oral Retest – 7 students – Study facts.
  3. Read 15 mins
  4. Play First in Math


Wednesday, October 17th   Class Pictures and Picture Retakes

     1. Math- x3 worksheet Oral Quizzing next Wednesday

     2.  Reading Quiz “What Do Illustrators Do?”

     3.  Read 15 mins

  1. Play First in Math


Thursday, October 18th  Readfest Celebration / Bring back last Castle Door

  1. Math- w.s.
  2. Spelling- Test

3. Math Superstars

      4. Read 15 mins

      5. Scrapbook page due tomorrow.

      6. Play First in Math


 Friday, October 19th 

  1. Read 15 mins.
  2. Kinder Readers for next Wednesday are:  Annabelle, Luke, Liza, Kaitlyn, Logan, and Gavin
  3. Play First in Math


This week’s spelling words:




















              Halloween Story for this week:

Dead or Alive?


     Luke was so excited because today was Halloween! He already had his costume on and his plastic ax in hand.

     The bell rang four times which means CANDY! Candy was Luke's favorite thing in the world, and now he could have hundreds of it. Taffy, Hersheys, Gobstoppers, licorice, Malt Balls, and Skittles. Luke raced out of the door and into the streets. Wait, let's reverse that. Luke grabbed his old pillowcase and raced out the door only to find . . . a goblin! But this was a very small goblin. It asked for candy! Luke gave him a Snickers bar and sent him off to find more candy, at more houses. Luke raced to the only shortcut he knew. . . the graveyard. 

     While Luke walked through the graveyard, he could sense there was something watching him. Then he saw it, nine feet in height, four in width. It was called Bob, but it was not nice at all. Bob held a very sharp sword while Luke held a plastic ax. But Luke had one advantage which was how fast he was. And I don't mean, Oh look at me, I'm running, I mean bolting for 24 hours straight! I mean, Wow. Luke swung his ax right at the monster. Blood dripped everywhere as they continued battling. Finally, Luke caught Bob off guard and threw his ax right at Bob's chest and the shot hit its target! I'm not going to tell you what happened after that though.