Madeline C.  is Totally Terrific Me this week.  Bonus Word is:  Interjection Challenge: Name 3 Interjections

Monday, March 18 

  1. Math – w.s.
  2. Spelling – Write words in cursive and use five of the words in sentences.
  3. State Trivia test:  Wednesday, April 10
  4. Biography book report – March 29th
  5. Creative Writing – Due Wednesday
  6. Math Superstars – Due Friday
  7. Play  “First in Math” five minutes tonight!


Tuesday, March 19  Stations at 2:00 in the Church

  1.  Math ws.
  2. Play “First in Math” five minutes tonight!


Wednesday, March 20  USA Trivia Early Morning Practice at 7:45/First Day of Spring
1. Math – w.s.

2. Reading Quiz: “Dog of the Sea Waves”    

3. Play “First in Math” five minutes tonight!


Thursday, March 21

  1. Math Superstars
  2. Spelling test tomorrow.
  3. Play “First in Math” five minutes tonight!


Friday, March 22 4th Quarter Begins


Have a great weekend!


The Evil Bunnies by Isabelle


Twas the day before the day before Easter and things were going crazy. Everything was as crazy as a talking burrito. The couch was sneezing, and paper was flying. Mom called me to bed. The next day it was the day before Easter and things got even crazier. There were creepy plush bunnies everywhere. The day flew by very quickly! Tomorrow was Easter and things went haywire. Today was Easter and it was not pleasant. Instead of chocolate, I got broccoli. Instead of caramel, my cousin got baby food flavored chocolate, and did I mention that I got 9,000,000,000,000 multiplication sheets? I had to find out who did this! 


The next day I went to school, and every time I asked Mrs. Brennan a question she said, "No." All of a sudden, we saw a bright light in the sky. It appeared to be a flying saucer that was landing on the playground of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. A small green alien bunny exited the spaceship. "There seems to be some mistake," said the bunny. "I'm afraid the Mrs. Brennan of Earth and the Mrs. Brennan of planet Klaptu have been switched. We would like to correct this mistake." 


The two Mrs. Brennans stood face to face, one good, one evil. They shook hands and finally returned to their rightful planets. Easter returned to normal. All was well in Mrs. Brennan's third grade class.  The End. 



A Chick's Tale by Audrey


One day in a town not far there was a farm and a hen. The hen was sad for she had no chicks of her own. But one day that bird went on a walk. While walking down the path she heard peeping sounds. When she whirled around the tree there was a bee hive above her as busy as can be! And a baby chick was beside her! Before she could rescue the baby chick the bees attacked! The hen rushed away with the chick in her hands. When she got to the coop she said, "BEE ATTACK!" Everyone raced in their coops until there was no sign of BEES. When all the bees went away, the hens made a vote what the chick's name should be. They decided Rosy. 


The next day, the hen went out thinking how lucky she was. When she heard peeping sounds by the field, she saw a brown bear. He sniffed toward the grass and came closer and closer. When he started hearing Mr. Quack, he ran away. She ran just as he did. Til she came to her barn and hollered, "Who votes!!!" Half voted for Don and the other half voted for Albert. Don  won.


The next day the hen went out thinking how double lucky she was when she heard peeping by dirt ground and crows flying above. For the last time before the crows approached, she ran as fast as she could back to the barn with the baby chick. That day everyone voted for Alison. 


The next day when the hen went out for a walk, her face toward the sun, she said, "Thank you Lord." When she went back home, she saw Jesus blessing her chicks. The End.