Victoria is "Totally Terrific Me" this week and next. 

  Monday, October 26th   

  1. Math- x4 Multiplication Sheet
  2. Spelling- None; short week
  3. Memorize the 4th Bible Verse: “This is My commandment:  love one another as I love you.”  (John 15:12)
  4. Skip counting by 4 - 48.  Online Flashcards:  https://mathigon.org/multiply
  5. October Book Report due November 3rd   
  6. Math Superstars – None


Tuesday, October 27th     Report Cards Go Home

     1.   Math- x4 worksheet Practice:  https://mathigon.org/multiply

  1. Bring back signed report card envelopes.
  1. Wednesday, October 28th    Dismissal at noon AM/Parent Teacher Conferences this afternoon and Thursday.

 Have a wonderful break/see you back Halloween week!  

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