Journeys Unit 1

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Lesson 1: A Fine, Fine School


Read the Story

Genre: Humorous Fiction
Target Skill: Story Structure
Target Strategy: Summarize

Vocabulary Strategy: Context Clues
Essential Question: How is learning at school different from learning at home?


Vocabulary Words:
principal: the leader of a school
soared: flew upward
strolled: walked slowly
worried: uneasy or anxious
proud: pleased with yourself or someone else
announced: made known
fine:  very nice
certainly: surely

Spelling Words:

 Short vowels (a, e, i, o u)
crop   plan   thing   smell   shut   sticky   spent   lunch   pumpkin   
clock   gift   class   skip   swing   next   hug   hospital   fantastic 

Learning Links:
Spelling City
Cursive Spelling Practice
Schoolhouse Rock Video - Subjects and Predicates


Lesson 2: The Trial of Cardigan Jones


Genre: Fantasy
Target Skill: Drawing Conclusions
Target Strategy: Infer/Predict

Vocabulary Strategy: Dictionary/Glossary
Essential Question: Why are courts an important part of our government?

Vocabulary Words:
trial: a meeting in court to decide if someone has broken the law
jury: the group of people who make the decision in a trial
convinced: made someone believe or agree to something 
guilty: having done something wrong
pointed: used a finger to show where something was
honest: truthful
murmur: the sound of people speaking very softly
stand: the place where a witness in a trial sits while being questioned

Spelling Words:

Vce Pattern and Long Vowel sounds
spoke   mile   save   excuse   cone   invite   cube   price   erase   
ripe   broke   flame   life   rule   these   those   surprise   decide

Learning Links:

Spelling City


Lesson 3: Destiny's Gift


Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Skill: Understanding Characters
Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate
Vocabulary Strategy: Antonyms (opposites)
Essential Question: Why is volunteering good for a    community and its people?

Vocabulary Words:
afford: to be able to pay
customers: people who buy something at a store
contacted: got in touch with someone
raise: to collect
earn: to get something by working
figure: to work out by thinking
block: the section of a street between two other streets
spreading: stretching something out

Spelling Words:
lay   real   trail   sweet   today   dream   seem   tea   treat   
afraid   leave   bait   screen   speed   paint   please   yesterday   explain

Learning Links:
Spelling City


Lesson 4: Pop's Bridge


Genre: Historical fiction
Target Skill: Compare and Contrast
Target Strategy: Infer/Predict
Vocabulary Strategy: Word Families
Essential Question: Why is everyone's role on a project important?

Vocabulary Words:
crew: a group of people doing work
tide: the rise and fall of the sea
cling: to hold tightly to something
balancing: keeping steady
foggy: filled with thick mist or low clouds
disappears: passes from sight
stretch: to spread out
excitement: the feeling of being stirred up

Spelling Words:
load   open   told  yellow   soak   shadow   foam   follow   glow   
sold   window   coach   almost   throat   cold   most   tomorrow   sailboats


Learning Links:
Quia Quiz (Vocabulary)

Spelling City


Lesson 5: Roberto Clemente - Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates


Genre: Biography
Target Skill: Cause and Effect
Target Strategy: Visualize
Vocabulary Strategy: Intonation
Essential Question: What are the traits of a hero?

Vocabulary Words:
stands: seats at a stadium or ballpark
fans: great admirers
score: to make a point in a game
league: group of teams that compete against one another
slammed: hit with sudden force
polish: to make shine; to make something better
style: a way of doing something
pronounced: said clearly and correctly

Spelling Words:
slight   mild   sight   pie   mind   tie   pilot   might   lie   
tight   blind   fight   die   midnight   find   night   silent    frightening

Learning Links:
Spelling City