Journeys Unit 2

Unit 2

Lesson 6: Max’s Words

Genre: Humorous Fiction

Target Skill: Sequence of Events

Target Strategy: Question

Essential Question: What clues in a story help you figure out the sequence of events?

Big Idea: We communicate in many ways.

Vocabulary Words:
collect: To gather as a hobby or for study.

scramble: To mix together in a confused mass.

order: An arrangement of things one after the other.

sort: To arrange by class, kind, or size; classify

ragged: Tattered

rapidly: Swiftly; speedily

continue: To keep on or persist in.

dart: Move or run somewhere suddenly or rapidly.

Spelling Words:
math     toast   easy   socks   Friday   stuff   paid   cheese   June
elbow   program   shiny   piles   sticky   each   both   comb   holiday

Learning Links:
Spelling City:

YouTube Video:  Verbs   

Cursive Spelling Practice:  Unit 2 Lesson 6 - Max's Words


Lesson 7: What Do Illustrators Do?

Genre: Informational Text 
Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features
Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate
Vocabulary Strategy:
Essential Question: How do pictures help to tell a story?

Vocabulary Words:
imagine: to see a picture in your mind
tools: things people use to help them do a job
illustrate: to make pictures that show or explain something
scribbles: drawings or doodles, drawn in a quick or careless way
sketches: quick drawings without much detail
tracing: used to copy or trace lines
research: careful study of a subject or problem
textures: the ways that surfaces look and feel

Spelling Words:
three   scrap   street   spring   thrill   scream   strange   throw   string   
scrape   spray   threw   strong   scratch   think   they   straight   scramble

Learning Links:
Spelling City




Lesson 8: The Harvest Birds

Genre: Folktale
Target Skill: Conclusions
Target Strategy: Infer/Predict

Vocabulary Strategy:
Essential Question: What do traditional tales tell readers about life?

Vocabulary Words:
harvest: the ripe crops that are gathered
separate: divide into groups
ashamed: feeling guilty; sorry, or embarrassed
borders: the edges of a place
advice: ideas or suggestions about what someone should do
borrow: to use something that someone else owns and return it later
patch: a small piece of land
serious: not playful or silly; not joking

Spelling Words:
itch   wreck   knee   patch   wrap   knot   watch   knife   stretch   
write   knew   knock   match   wrong   know   catch   wrinkle   knuckle

Learning Links:
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Lesson 9: Kamishibai Man

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Skill: Cause and Effect
Target Strategy: Monitor/Clarify

Vocabulary Strategy: Dictionary/Glossary
Essential Question: How is a live performance different from other kinds of entertainment? 

Vocabulary Words:
familiar: well known from being seen often
applause: clapping meant to show appreciation or enjoyment
vacant: empty or not occupied
rickety: shaky or likely to fall apart
blurry: unclear or smeared
blasted: made a sudden, loud sound
jerky: moving in sudden, uneven, or awkward ways
rude: impolite or having bad manners

Spelling Words:
clown   round   bow   cloud   power   crown   thousand   crowd   sound   
count   powder   blouse   frown   pound   house   found   mountain  coward

Learning Links:
Spelling City


Lesson 10: Young Thomas Edison

Genre: Biography    
Target Skill: Main Idea and Details    
Target Strategy: Summarize

Vocabulary Strategy: Shades of Meaning
Essential Question: What important traits must an inventor have?

Vocabulary Words::
invention: an original device, system, or process
experiment: a test to find out or prove something
laboratory: a place where scientists work and do experiments
genius: extraordinary intellectual power, especially seen in creative ability
gadget: a small, useful machine or device
electric: powered by electricity, a form of energy caused by the motion of electrons and protons
signal: a sound, motion, or other sign that sends a message
occasional: happening from time to time

Spelling Words:
talk   cross   awful   law   cloth   cost   crawl   chalk   also   
raw   salt   wall   lawn   always   soft   small   often   strawberry

Learning Links:
Spelling City