Journeys Unit 3

Unit 3

Lesson 11: Jump

Genre: Biography

Target Skill: Fact and Opinion

Target Strategy: Question

 Essential Question:  How can you tell what an author thinks about a topic?

Big Idea: Facing a challenge helps us grow.

Vocabulary Words::
championship: A contest to determine the winner of a game or contest.

power: The force, strength, or ability to do something.

professional: Making money for doing something that other people do for pleasure or as a hobby.

athlete: A person who is trained in or is good at physical exercises, games, or sports.

rooting: To encourage by or as if by cheering.

court: A level area marked for playing a game, as tennis or basketball.

competitor: A person or group that competes with another or others; opponent.

entire: Whole or complete
Spelling Words:
joy   point   voice   join   oil   coin   noise   spoil   toy   
joint   boy   soil   choice   boil   come   are   poison   destroy

Learning Links:
Spelling City

Cursive Spelling Practice:  Jump

Grammar YouTube Video:  More Plural Nouns

Lesson 12: The Science Fair

Target Skill: Story Structure

Target Strategy: Visualize

 Essential Question:  How do characters

affect a plot of a story?

Big Idea: Facing a challenge helps us grow.

Vocabulary Words::
report: to tell or write about something
presentation: a report or display
erupt: to burst out
creative: inventive and imaginative
educational: providing knowledge
certificate: document recognizing an accomplishment
impressive: generating wonder and amazement
charts: information sheets with tables or graphs

Spelling Words: Homonyms
hole   whole   its   it's   hear   here   won   one   our 
hour   their   there   fur   fir   road   rode   peace   piece  


Learning Links:
Spelling City

Homophones YouTube Video: Homophones

Cursive Spelling Practice:  The Science Fair


Lesson 13: Yonder Mountain: A Cherokee Legend

Genre: Legend
Target Skill: Compare and Contrast 
Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

Vocabulary Strategy: Homophones and Homographs
Essential Question: Why are stories from different cultures important?

Vocabulary Words::
examined: looked at closely
peak: the top of a mountain or hill
fondly: in a loving or caring way
steep: having a sharp slope
rugged: rough and uneven
mist: a fine spray or light fog
pausing: stopping briefly
pleaded: begged or requested urgently

Spelling Words:
I'd   he's   haven't   doesn't   let's   there's   wouldn't   what's   she's
aren't   hasn't   couldn't   he'd   they're   can't   isn't   we're   weren't 

Learning Links:
Spelling City


Lesson 14: Aero and Officer Mike, police partners

Genre: Informational text   
Target Skill: Author's Purpose
Target Strategy: Summarize

Vocabulary Strategy: Prefixes in, im
Essential Question: What are some benefits of dogs interacting with people?

Vocabulary Words::
lying: resting in a flat position
loyal: faithful
partners: two people who work together
shift: the period of time a worker dow his or her job
quiver: to shake or tremble
patrol: walk through an area to watch or guard it
ability: skill
snap: to bite quickly

Spelling Words:
horse   mark   storm   market   acorn   artist   March   north   barking
stork   thorn   forest   chore   restore   dark   story   partner   fortune

Learning Links:
Spelling City


Lesson 15: Beverly Cleary - Ramona Quimby, Age 8- Extra Good Sunday

Genre: Humorous fiction
Target Skill: Understanding Characters
Target Strategy: Infer/Predict

Vocabulary Strategy: Using a Thesaurus
Essential Question: Why are safety rules important?

Vocabulary Words::
festive: merry
ingredients: parts of a mixture
degrees: units used to measure temperature
recommended: suggested
anxiously: with worry or eagerness
cross: angry
remarked: said
tense: edgy or stressed

Spelling Words:
nurse   work   shirt   hurt   first   word   serve   curly   dirt  
third   worry   turn   stir   firm   her   girl   perfect   hamburger


Learning Links:
Spelling City