Journeys Unit 4

Unit 4

Lesson 16: A Mr. Rubbish Mood

Genre: Humorous fiction

Target Skill: Author's Purpose

Target Strategy: Monitor/Clarify

Essential Question: Why do some authors

write funny stories?

Big Idea: Our world is an amazing place!

Vocabulary Words:
recycle: to treat or process in order to use again
project: a special undertaking
dripping: coming down in drops
carton: a paper or cardboard box
complicated: hard to understand or deal with; difficult
pollution: the state or being dirty or not pure
rubbish: trash
hardly: not very much
shade: an area where direct sunlight is blocked
global: worldwide

Spelling Words:
air   wear   chair   stairs   bare   bear   hair   care   pear   
pair   share   near   ear   beard   buy   year   earring   compare

Learning Links:
Spelling City

cursive spelling practice



Lesson 17: The Albertosaurus Mystery

Genre: Informational Text
Target Skill: Drawing Conclusions
Target Strategy: Visualize

Vocabulary Strategy: Suffix -ly
Essential Question: What can fossils tell us about the past?

Vocabulary Words:
fossils: very old traces or remains of plants or animals
clues: things that help solve a mystery or problem
remains: what is left
prove: to show by using facts
evidence: facts that lead to a conclusion or help people find out what is true
skeletons: frameworks of bones inside or outside of bodies
uncovering: opening to view
buried: covered up
fierce: very wild and dangerous
location: place where something is 

Spelling Words:
age   space   change   jawbone   jacket   giant   pencil   circle   once
large   dance   jeans   bounce   huge   nice   place   excited   gigantic

Learning Links:
Spelling City


Lesson 18: A Tree Is Growing

Genre: Informational Text
Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features
Target Strategy: Question

Vocabulary Strategy: Word Roots
Essential Question: What are some differences among types of trees?

Vocabulary Words:
pollen: tiny yellow grains made by flowering plants
store: to put away for later use
clumps: groups or bunches of things, especially plants and dirt
passages: narrow paths or channels
absorb: take in or soak up
throughout: all the way through
coverings: the outsides of things, usually serving as protection
spines: sharp, pointy growths
tropical: having to do with the warm areas of the Earth near the equator
dissolve: to seem to disappear when mixed with liquid

Spelling Words:
shark   check   queen   circus   flake   crack   second   squeeze   quart
squeak   quick   coldest   Africa   Mexico   black   thank   correct   question

Learning Links:
Spelling City


Lesson 19: Dogzilla

Genre: Humorous fiction

Target Skill: Cause and Effect

Target Strategy: Summarize

Essential Question: How can one event lead to a series of adventures?

Big Idea: Our world is an amazing place!

Vocabulary Words:
fiery: Of or glowing like fire
within: Not going beyond the limits of
scientific: Of, relating to, or used in science
ancient: Very old; having existed for a long time
panicking: Having a sudden feeling of great fear
emergency: Giving urgent, immediate action or care
mysterious: Very hard to explain or understand.
horrifying: Causing strong fear or horror
prehistoric: Of, relating to, or belonging to the time before people began to record events in writing. 
immediately: At once; right away


Spelling Words:
mood   wooden   drew   smooth   blue   balloon   true   crooked   chew
tooth   hooves   cool   food   pooch   blew   foot   loose   jewel


Learning Links:
Spelling City
cursive spelling practice

 Social Studies Connection

Habitats YouTube Video:  I Got a Habitat by the Bumblemen

Lesson 20: Life on the Ice

Genre: Informational Text
Target Skill: Main Ideas and Details
Target Strategy: Infer/Predict

Vocabulary Strategy: Dictionary/Glossary
Essential Question: What are the coldest places on Earth like?

Vocabulary Words:
shelter: a place that covers or protects
colony: a group of people or animals that live together
constant: always the same
wilderness: a wild, unloved-in area of land
climate: usual weather conditions in an area over many years
region: a certain area or space
unexpected: without warning
gliding: sliding, moving, or flying along with ease
overheated: heated beyond the safe point
layer: one thickness

Spelling Words:
birthday   anyone   sometimes   everything   homework   afternoon   airplane
grandmother   something   without   himself   faraway   sunburned   daylight
someone   cannot   scorekeeper   everybody

Learning Links:
Spelling City