Journeys Unit 5

Unit 5

Lesson 21: Two Bad Ants

Genre: fantasy

Target Skill: Story Structure

Target Strategy: Monitor / Clarify

Essential Question: What might the problembe in a story about ants?

Big Idea: There are many reasons to take a journey.

Vocabulary Words:
scout: Someone who goes out from a group to gather information. 

narrow: Small or thin in width

surround: To be on all sides of: encircle

underground: Located below the surface of the ground

puzzling: Confusing; baffling

glassy: Smooth, clear, and shiny; like glass

violently: With great physical force

liquid: A substance that flows easily

soggy: Soaked; very wet

unaware: Without knowledge of

Spelling Words:
coming   swimming   dropping   tapping   taping   invited   saving   stared   planned   changing   joking   loved   gripped    tasted   making   stopped   freezing   scared

Learning Links:
Spelling City


Grammar:  Possessive Nouns and Possesive Pronouns


Lesson 22: The Journey, Stories of Migration

Genre: Informational Text
Target Skill: Compare and Contrast
Target Strategy: Visualize

Vocabulary Strategy: Words Roots
Essential Question: Why do animals migrate to other places?

Vocabulary Words:
migrate: to move to another place
survival: the act of staying alive

plenty: more than enough
frightening: scary
accidents: unexpected injuries
solid: firm and hard
chilly: cold
landscape: scenery
thunderous: very loud
dramatic: exciting

Spelling Words:
cities   cried   puppies   hurried   stories   flies   parties   tried   pennies   
fried   carried   babies   spied   ponies   pretty   very   countries   libraries

Learning Links:
Spelling City
Grammar:  Using Proper Nouns

Lesson 23: The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman

Genre: Fantasy
Target Skill: Sequence of Events
Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

Vocabulary Strategy: Suffixes er, est
Essential Question: How can people communicate over long distance?

Vocabulary Words:
sincere: honest, truthful
managed: succeeded
loaded: piled
loveliest: most beautiful, most delightful
conversations: talks with someone
inspired: caused someone to act, think, or feel a certain way
reunion: a coming together again
currently: as of now
pleasure: enjoyment
terror: great fear

Spelling Words:
singer   loudly   joyful   teacher   fighter   closely   powerful   farmer   quickly   careful   friendly   speaker   wonderful   truly   hopeful   safely   listener   calmly

Learning Links:
Spelling City


Lesson 24: Dog of the Sea Waves

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Skill: Author's Purpose
Target Strategy: Question

Vocabulary Strategy: Shades of Meaning
Essential Question: What changes do volcanoes cause?

Vocabulary Words:
voyage: a long trip
lava: melted rock that flows from a volcano
rippled: flowed or covered with small waves
arrival: the act of coming to a place
guided: led or steered in the right direction
twisted: wound together
aboard: onto a ship or other mode of transportation
anchor: big hook that keeps a ship in place
spotted: caught sight of
bay: sheltered water area

Spelling Words:
unfold   rejoin   untie   reheat   unfair   unclear   repaid   rewrite   unhurt   
recheck   unlucky   unwrap   reuse   unsure   reread   unsafe   unbuckle   unknown

Learning Links:
Spelling City
Grammar:  YouTube Video:  What is and Adverb?

Lesson 25: Mountains, Surviving on Mt. Everest

Genre: Informational Text
Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features
Target Strategy: Infer/Predict

Vocabulary Strategy: Analogies
Essential Question: Why do mountain climbers need to be well prepared?

Vocabulary Words:
approached: came near
section: part or area
avalanches: snow or rock slides on a mountain
increases: becomes more
equipment: supplies
tanks: containers
slopes: a slanted surface
altitude: height above Earth's surface
succeed: accomplished something attempted  
halt: a temporary stop

Spelling Words:
painless   sickness   sadness   helpless   thankless   kindness   hopeless   darkness   fearless   thickness   careless   goodness   spotless   softness   useful   weakly   breathless   eagerness

Learning Links:
Spelling City

Science Connection:

YouTube Video:  Mount Everest