Journeys Unit 6

Unit 6

Lesson 26: "The Foot Race Across America"

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction
Target Skill: Main Ideas and Details
Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

Vocabulary Strategy: Suffix - ion
Essential Question: How does having a goal help people succeed?

Review Vocabulary Words:
principal: the leader of a school
proud: pleased with yourself or someone else
announced: made known
advice: ideas or suggestions about what someone should do
loyal: faithful
ability: skill
absorb: take in or soak up
loveliest: most beautiful, most delightful
compete: to try to do something better that others
approached: came near

Spelling Words:
person   helmet   until   carpet   Monday   enjoy   forget   problem   Sunday   
garden   order   mistake   umpire   herself   after   under   expect   wisdom     

Learning Links:
Spelling City
cursive writing

The Great American Footrace

You Tube Videos:  Analogy Types

                                Commas & Quotes

Lesson 27: The Power of Magnets

Genre: Expository Nonfiction
Target Skill: Cause and Effect
Target Strategy: Summarize

Vocabulary Strategy: Homographs/Homophones
Essential Question: How would your life be different without magnets?

Review Vocabulary Words:
research: careful study of a subject or problem
tools: things people use to help them do a job
familiar: well known from being seen often
gadget: a small, useful machine or device
invention: an original device, system, or process
experiment: a test to find out or prove something
electric: powered by electricity, a form of energy caused by the motion of electrons and protons
power: strength
prove: to show by using facts
improve: to get better

Spelling Words:
jelly   bottom   pillow   happen   butter   lesson   cherry   sudden   arrow   
dollar   hello   rabbit   letter   button   funny   better   stubborn   mirror

Learning Links:
Spelling City

YouTube Video:  Retelling and Summarizing


Lesson 28: Becoming Anything He Wants To Be

Genre: Biography
Target Skill: Fact and Opinion
Target Strategy: Visualize

Vocabulary Strategy: Word Roots
Essential Question: What are some benefits of being physically active?

Review Vocabulary Words:
throughout: all the way through
textures: the look or feel of a surface. 
peak: the top of a mountain or hill
steep: having a sharp slope
tropical: having to do with the warm areas of the Earth near the equator
landscape: scenery
slopes: a slanted surface
altitude: height above Earth's surface
survival: the act of staying alive
equipment: supplies

Spelling Words:
taught   thought   rough   laugh   bought   cough   ought   caught   fought   
daughter   tough   through   enough   brought   was   draw   sought   naughty

Learning Links:
Spelling City


Lesson 29: A New Team of Heroes

Genre: Drama
Target Skill: Understanding Characters
Target Strategy: Monitor/Clarify

Vocabulary Strategy: Prefixes un, dis
Essential Question: What can you learn from champions?

Review Vocabulary Words:
excitement: the feeling of being stirred up
score: to make a point in a game
athletes: people who do physical exercise or play sports
tense: edgy or stressed
succeed: accomplished something attempted  
league: group of teams that compete against one another
earn: to get something by working
partners: two people who work together
pleasure:  enjoyment
contribute: to help or add to

Spelling Words:
apple   river   little   October   ladder   summer   purple   later   November   
giggle   uncle   winter   center   double   flower   people   whistle   character

Learning Links:
Spelling City

YouTube Video:  Reading Comprehension Strategies


Lesson 30: Saving Buster

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Target Skill: Conclusions
Target Strategy: Question

Vocabulary Strategy: Compound Words
Essential Question: How can children and adults learn from each other?

Review Vocabulary Words:
worried: uneasy or anxious
certainly: surely
raise: to collect
afford: to be able to pay
applause: clapping meant to show appreciation or enjoyment
anxiously: with worry or eagerness
dramatic: exciting
guided: led or steered in the right direction
ingredients: parts of a mixture
fetch: to go after and bring back somebody or something

Spelling Words:
below   about   belong   around   again   alone   because   above   between   
alive   behind   begin   along   before   away   want   awhile   beyond

Learning Links:
Spelling City