Education Links

password:  3brennan
3B  Google Classroom
Select North Carolina and select Diocese of Raleigh, 
Student's login:  Username:  use first initial of your first name 
your last name.
Use this Password:  Lions1
Journeys online
Epic!  Reading Library
Flippety:  Neat site for arranging groups and Partners
Wheel of Fortune/Flippety  Selects partners, seating arrangements and more!
Use these fun Timers to get your homework done in half the time!
Young Explorers: A picture dictionary with cool links.
Quizlet Flashcards for Reading!  Study your Reading Vocabulary 
words each week 
to go along with your story.
Storybird online!
Storybird:  Make your own picture books!
Math Fun: This interactive mathematics center is a part of the 
Sadlier Oxford Math program for 3rd grade.
Kids Domain: Links, bugs and butterflies, holidays, games, 
including Online Math Games: Word Games: - A variety of Language Arts 
for grades K-8.
USA Capitals Match states with their capitals.
Book Adventure is a free reading motivation program for 
children in 
grades K-8.
USA CapitalsAnother Match states with their capitals.
USA CapitalsInteractive Match states with capitals.
50 STATES: information about every state and capitol
NC Kids Pages: NC Almanac, Legends & Ghost Stories, 
games, facts, recreation
Family Fun: Thousand of ideas for families: Activities and 
Crafts, Parties, Recipes, and Travel
Interactive USA Map Puzzle
The Kids on the Web: This is an on-going list of sites that 
offer information for and about kids. Among other things, it 
a lot of stuff for them to play with, information for adults, and 
info about schools and education
Website with children's authors and illustrators
abcteach: Wow! This is the place for kids, parents, and 
Math is fun on this kid friendly website
Another kid friendly math website.
Make Math worksheets here.
Interactive state locations.
Catholic Website:  Safe links for kids
Lori's Latest Links:  Lots of neat ideas.
Many categories - best sites -- all on one page
All My Favorite Sites
This is a great alternative to Google for you when you are 
surfing and when your students are researching. 

Encyclopedia Britannica online
Youngzine is a child-centered website that provides articles, 
and videos about world news, science and technology, society and 
movies, and book. Named one of American Association of School 
Librarians' Best websites for teaching and learning. 

Youngzine - Current Events Magazine for K-8
High Tech tools
Wheel of Fortune Spinner
Wheel of Fortune Spinner

Quick Draw with immediate feedback!