Rainforest Animal Pathfinder

For April/May Rainforest Research Project


More Rainforest Links (Mrs. Getter)

Sounds of Rain-forest Animals

Images of rainforest animals.
Amazon Rainforest Animal Photos


Photos, movies and animal sounds.
Active Wild - Wildlife


Animal pictures and facts.
ExZOOberance - Celebrating the Animal Kingdom


Specific animals list.
Franklin Institute Vertebrates Hotlist


Cool look at different layers of the rain forest and its 
Journey into the Amazonia


Photos of the plants, animals, and people that in the rain forest.
Kids Mongabay


Nature - The Real Macaw


Passport to the Rainforest-Click on ECOsystem to find information about rainforest animals.


Information about the many frogs in rainforests, as well as other 


Rainforest Action Network-Check the “Species Extinction” page.


View the Borneo Rain Forest at night in a virtual movie. 


Getty Images/Videos of Rain-forest Animals/Maggie


Tropical Rainforest Animals Multimedia Encyclopedia Index


University of Michigan Museum of Zoology


Zoom Rainforest


Animals at the Smithsonian National Zoo 


San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes: Tropical Rain Forest


Toronto Zoo - Meet the Animals - Fact Sheet


Images and short video clips of life on earth.


OLL rain forest eBooks

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OLL Rainforest eBooks


The Great Illustrated Encyclopedia


Here are some other resources that you can't find on the internet:
From the OLL Library:   
When researching further you can find more books relating to the rainforest 
by searching books in these Dewey numbers:  
333 Land economics
363 Other social problems & services
574 Biology
577 General nature of life591 Zoology
592 Invertebrates
593 Protozoa, Echinodermata, related phyla
594 Mollusca & Molluscoidea
595 Other invertebrates
596 Vertebrata (Craniata, Vertebrates)
597 Cold-blooded vertebrates Fishes
598 Aves (Birds)
599 Mammalia (Mammals)
634 Orchards, fruits, forestry