Miss Bridger: 4th Grade Reading

Welcome! This website will provide you with basic information that you will need to know on a weekly basis for Miss Bridger's 4th grade reading class.


What are we learning?

We have recently been studying the reading strategy of "making inferences and predictions". We will be moving on to "asking questions" for the next couple of weeks. Students will be figuring out how to formulate questions that will help them better understand the text they are reading. We will be using different techniques that will encourage the students to ask questions while before, while, and after they read. We will also continue writing our personal narratives. Please encourage your child to study his/her word study words each night in preparation for their test each Friday! 


Upcoming Events:

Report Cards= Monday, October 26th

 H1N1 Flu Vaccination = Tuesday, October 27th @ S.P. Morton Elementary School (only for those who turned in the paperwork)

PTA Performance= Tuesday, October  27th @ 7pm @ S.P. Morton

Early Closing= Thursday, October 27th @ 1:10pm for parent-teacher conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences= Thursday, October 29th from 2-6pm @ S.P. Morton- A great chance to speak collectively with your child's teachers. We'd love to see you and speak with you about the progress of your child!


* Please feel free to stop by, send a note, call, or e-mail me if you ever need anything! Thanks so much for your continued cooperation!*