(We only have a few so here they are)

     v  In the first quarter, an assignment turned in one day late will be given 75% credit. In the second quarter,

       an assignment turned in late will be given 50% credit. In the last two quarters, no credit will be given for late work.               

        (come on, get that assignment in on time!!!)

v     It is the responsibility of the student to request, complete, and submit all absentee work according to the  PWMS Student Handbook. (yep, you're in middle school now so it's your job now, not the teachers')

v     A paper turned in without a name will be given an automatic zero. (with 180+ students, how should I know whose it is....)

v     No candy, food, gum or drink will be permitted in class.  The one exception to this will be water in a clear bottle. (sorry but this is school, not the movie theatre)

v     Students must be seated in their assigned seat when the bell rings; otherwise they will be counted tardy. (that is unless you want to stand all period long......just kidding! maybe?)

v     All requests for parent/teacher conferences are to be scheduled with the counselor.

v     A standard heading will be expected on all assignments. (well, if you want the credit, I shouldn't have to hunt for your name....)

v     All students are expected to come to class prepared. (that includes bringing your brain switched on!)


Well, that's it! It wasn't as bad as you thought, was it??


Sixth Grade Reading Expectations 

Dear students and parents,

             Welcome to Pueblo West Middle School 6th grade reading.  I know that you will have a great year as we work together to progress in our reading skills.  Your student deserves the most positive educational climate possible for his/her growth, and I know that together we will make a difference.  If you have questions or concerns you can either leave a message at the Pueblo West Middle School phone number (719) 547 – 3752 or contact me by e-mail at  cbriggs@district70.org.  This year I also have a web site that you may refer to for spelling lists, vocabulary, assignments etc.  This website is cbriggs.educatorpages.com 


  1. Follow directions
  2. Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself
  3. Use appropriate language and gestures
  4. Don’t speak while others are speaking; including your peers.


PLANNER:  The planner will be used daily for assignments and communication purposes.  If you need to write a note to me, the planner is a good place to put it though sometimes sending an e-mail works a little better since you student doesn’t have to remember to show it to me.   Please encourage your student to turn in assignments on time and complete.


READING LOG:  The reading log will consist of a sheet that has the date, name of the material read, time read, and a  two or more sentence summary of what you read. You may read any type of material including your school work (not the poems that you memorize) except video games and closed captioning.  You need to read 30 minutes each day for at least 5 days each week.  The log will be due on Thursdays and will be worth 25 points each week with 5 points extra credit if it has a parent signature on it.


GRADES:  I work on a total point system.  Each assignment gets a certain number of points.  What the student earns is then divided by the total number of points for the assignment to get the percentage.  The scale is as follows:  

                                                            90% - 100%                            =   A

                                                            89% - 80%                              =   B

                                                            79% - 70%                              =   C

                                                            69% - 60%                              =   D

                                                            59% and below                        =   F


BOOK PROJECT:  Your student will have a book project due at the end of each month.  We will go to the library at the end of each month so your student will have the opportunity to choose a book to read.  However it is not necessary for them to choose a book from our school library.