Book Project Information


2013 - 2014


A book project is required approximately every other month.  I do book projects a bit differently than some teachers.  A key part to their project is to remember to write on the project the title and author of the book.  Then they will have choices of activities to represent their book.    The below suggestions are to give the children an idea of what I am looking for.  They are to choose1 project under the category listed for the report assignment.


 DATE DUE                            TYPE OF BOOK                               REPORT ASSIGNMENT 

October 3                                     Mystery/Scary                                      Arts & Crafts Activity

December 5                                 Historical                                              Writing Activity

February 6                                   Biography                                            Impersonation – details sent home before Christmas

April 8                                        Newbery Book                                     Arts & Crafts Activity

May 19                                       Humor                                                  Drama & Music Activity


  Art & Craft Activity:  remember to use color

1.      Construct a mobile representing the book

2.      Do portraits of the main characters (minimum 3, each on a separate piece of paper)

3.      Make a picture collage representing your book.

4.      Design an enlarged bookmark with the book as the theme. (use ½ of an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper)

5.      Draw a poster with a scene from the book (9 x 12 and use color)

6.      Design a new book jacket for the book.  (use an 8 ½  x 11 sheet of paper)

7.      Make a poster advertising the book using your best artwork. (9 x 12 sheet of paper)

8.      Design and make a game based on the book.  Don’t forget the rules.

9.      Make puppets of the main characters.  Don’t make the puppets too small. They need to be seen from the back of the room. (minimum 3)


  Writing Activities

1.      Write an advertisement for the book.  Think about it as if you were writing something

       for someone to read over the radio.

2.      Write a poem based on the book (15 – 20 line minimum)

3.      Write a letter to the author or a main character – be specific and use good letter format.

4.      Make a newspaper that presents elements from the book.

5.      Write a chapter that tells what happened before or after the book took place.

6.      Write a newspaper or magazine review of the book.  This is not a summary, but more like what makes the book good (or not), why and if you would recommend it to another person.

7.      Make a timeline of events in the story (15 – 20 minimum)


Drama & Music Activities - Yes you have to perform this in front of the class/ you may work with another student as long as you 

                                                both read the same book

1.      Produce a puppet show of a scene from the book.  Remember to make your puppets large enough to see from the back of the room.

2.      Videotape or perform live a scene from the book.

3.      Perform a scene with one person taking all the parts.

4.      Create a commercial advertising the book.  Present it as if you were on TV.

5.      Research some factual aspect of the book and present your facts.

6.      Find other books on the same subject (not from the same series) and set up a display.  Use at least 3 books other than the one you read.

7.      Write a song which tells about the book. Needs words and the melody can be one we all know.

8.      Make a newscast (live, video, or audio tape recorded) in which the main characters are interviewed