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My Philosophy Statement 


Reason why I teach:

Reason why I teach is I want to help as many students as I can and help them achieve any goal that they have. I believe that as a teacher I will be able to example to many and i want to be that teacher that a student will always remember and will inspire them in some way. Reason why I teach is to be able to make a difference and teach every student that school is not hard or boring but a life long journey that they will enjoy. Reason why I teach is to teach and educate as many kids as i can and make a difference in theirs life’s and in their education.

Who I will be teaching:

I will be teaching many bilingual students. It has been a long journey to get the United States to teach bilingual education classes. As Hispanics we have fought and fought to be able to teach Spanish to our children. Many of us have heard the phrase that people say "If you are in the United States then all that should be spoken is English". Well if we see now days half of our populations here in the United States are Hispanics. As a bilingual teacher I want to make sure that the students are proud of their culture and not be embarrassed because they don’t know the language. As a future bilingual teacher I want to teach each student both languages and let them know that knowing both languages will only give them more opportunities here in the United States and anywhere in the world. These bilingual students will get every education needed that they will need to achieve their goal.

What my goal is:

As a teacher i want to make sure that each student gets the proper education that is needed in order for them to learn and get to the place that they need to be in. My goal is also to teach the second language and make sure that by the time my children leave my classroom they will be a little closer to knowing the second language.


I was born in Mexico and my first language was Spanish so when we moved to the United States I didn’t know English. My parents put me in bilingual classes and that is what saved me in my education. I think ever since then I decided that I wanted to be a teacher to make that same difference that the teachers made for me. It was challenging to learn the language but with the help of the teachers I was able to accomplish it. As I went on with my education I kept my Spanish because if didn’t want to lose that but I also kept my English. And now knowing both languages it has opened many doors for me. I love teaching kids and I love how each kid is different and they all bring a different characteristic to the classroom. I have always enjoyed to teach and enjoyed to help the students with their challenges.