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Classroom Technology Rules

          technology is changing our world...let's get on board!


As teachers, we all love to have technology implemented into our lessons. However, there is always a fear that a student is going to view something inappropriate or the student will post something inappropriate. It is important for teachers to have technology rules to keep everyone digitally safe!


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Teachers can approach creating rules in multiple ways.


1. Use a set of rules that have already been created or create them on their own.


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     1. Only visit approved sites

     2. Never give out personal information

     3. Tell your teacher if you feel uncomfortable

     4. Never download anything without permission

     5. Leave your workspace as you found it

     6. Print only if you have permission

     7. Never change the setting without permission

     8. Place device on charge when you leave

     9. Touch mouse and keyboard gently

    10. Do not eat or drink arounf device. 







* Here is an acronym to use in class


Come to class with clean hands.
Operate the equipment properly.
Make sure you listen to directions.
Push your chair in when you are done.
Use your inside voice.
Touch the keyboard lightly.
Eat and drink outside the computer lab.
Remember to take your printouts with you.

Learn something new each time you come to the lab.
Always work toward your best, not your neighbors' best.
Be careful handling CD's.


2. Student led technology rules

        Another way a teacher could approach creating technology rules is to allow the students to create them. This allows the students to be responsible for the rules. This         also allows the teacher to see if the students understand internet safety and technology rules. 



Internet Resources:

1. -

        The link is a great resource for teachers to use to create rules for technology in their classroom.


       The link contains a set of classroom posters for technology rules. The teacher can place them around the room.


      The link contains amazing tips for teachers to use when creating their own technology rules.




1. The following link discusses the importance of ethical use and responsible use of technology. It is important for students to understand these topics in order to be safe on the internet. 

Ethical and Responsible Use of Technology

2. The following video is a great video to show the students. It contains three basic rules that will help the students understand their responsibility with technology

Classroom Technology Rules (Younger Students)

3. The following video is a great video to show older students. It is more in depth than the previous video.

 Classroom Technology Rules (Older Students)


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