!!!!Detailed Safety Plan!!!!

Bomb Threats:

If the school is to experience a Bomb threat, the school principal will make a detailed announcement or a message will be delivered to that teacher! Then usually the school will be evacuated imedantly, to that classroom's detailed location!

Fire Evacuations:

The school is required to make seasonal fire drills due to the state and local fire departments. Usually they are made in the fall/ winter term. Then usually the principal will make a un-anounced fire drill at the end of the school year! When a fire evacuation is im force the school will usually hear the fire alarm go off, but if it is a false alarm the office will make an announcement following the alarm!

Inclement Weather:

The school usually makes these drills/safety plans around the spring of the year! If Inclement weather occurs the principal will make an announcemet on the intercom: "Please move your students into the hallway immedantly, we are under a bad weather warning for our area!" Then usually the students will sit with there backs against the wall, and then they will place thier head in-between thier legs with legs crossed. they will stay in this position until a: "ALL-CLEAR" is accounced or stated by the school official!*

*Note that the teachers may be required to sit in the position as students if the warning is ahead straight towards the school!!!!


Mr. Chambers