Weekly Homework Assignments


Homework for the week of September 12-16. Pick at least 1 from each subject (4 total). This homework will be due Friday, September 16. 



Word Study / Word Work______

1. Go to this website and play the game Grammar Gorillas:







Record how many you got Correct and Incorrect.


________________Correct    ______________Incorrect


2. Write 4 sentences. Try to include a common noun, a proper noun and a verb in each sentence.  Don’t forget to capitalize that first letter and have an end punctuation mark.


P.S. Don’t forget that all proper nouns are capitalized!


3.  On a piece of paper, see how many words you can think of with the word family parts: ake, ame, ine, ed, an, ug.  Do the same thing with these beginning blends: bl, cl, fl, sl and the ending phonograms am, ell, est. 




1. Read a book out loud to someone. Write a paragraph telling me how you would rate the book on a scale of 1 to 10. (1=poor , 10= great) Give me at least 3 reasons why!


2. Read a picture book to an adult and identify the story elements 

Text Box: (characters, setting, problem, solution).


3. Have someone read you a short story and write down what the story makes you think about. Using each one of the following thinking stems:  I notice…, I’m thinking…, I’m wondering…, I’m seeing…, I’m feeling…



Science /SocialStudies____

1) Research online with your parents about Texas Symbols!

Then, on a blank piece of paper write the 3 Texas Symbols that you discovered and draw a picture for each symbol.

(example: state bird, state flower, state mammal, etc...)


2) In class we have been learning about the SCIENTIFIC METHOD and how those steps help scientists make new discoveries!

(http://www.havefunteaching.com/worksheets/science/scientists/new-invention-magazine.pdf) Visit this website and print out the page! Draw a picture in the box of your new invention and explain what your invention does in the lines that follow!




1.     There are 17 students standing in line for lunch.


a.     How many tens and ones are in seventeen?

b.     Is the number even or odd? Explain your answer.


2.     Complete the math worksheet in your homework folder.