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Welcome to Room 14!

Welcome to our classroom website! All of our classroom rules, routines, and updates will be posted here so check back often!


Classroom Rules:

  • Be kind and respectful 
  • Listen to others when they are talking 
  • Follow directions to the best of your ability 
  • Be prepared and ready to learn



This year second grade will be implementing the Personal Responsibility (PR) system. This system is a means of teaching students to be responsible for their actions in a variety of different areas. This includes study skills, test taking skills, completing assignments on time, taking responsibility for one's mistakes and learning from them. Personal Responsibility recognizes the importance of parents and teachers as learning partners, putting the student in charge.

Your child will clip down (3 clip downs in a day will = 1 P.R. point) or receive P.R. points when these responsibilities are broken.  Some actions will be an automatic P.R. point (disrespect, bad language, hitting, fighting, discipline ticket from playground, etc.)  10 total PR points or 8 PR points in a single category will disqualify students from the trimester reward trip.

Students also have the opportunity to clip up throughout the day.  A student can clip up by S.O.A.R.I.N.G. (Displaying self control, being on task, achieving, and showing respect). Students who clip up three times in one day will recieve a blue slip. 



Room 14 loves to celebrate birthdays! According to school policy, we are allowed to celebrate birthdays on Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 2:15.  Feel free to send in store bought treats, but please keep in mind that we do have students with nut allergies. If you would like to bring treats for your student's birthday please check our class size, as it changes frequently throughout the school year.




Homework will be assigned nightly with the exception of Fridays. Students will be given a homework agenda every Monday with their homework for the week. This is also where they will color in their behavior for the day according to the classroom clip chart. I also ask that a parent or guardian initials the homework agenda on Thursday night. Students who have an initialed homework agenda will be placed into a drawing for a prize. 

Homework each week will consist of a spelling packet, a math page that will be assigned daily and nightly reading. Please help students with homework as it is needed. 


Daily Schedule:

Class begins at 8:00

Tardy bell rings at 8:05

Lunch: 11:25-12:15

Dismissal: 2:15

Flex Day (Wednesday) Dismissal: 1:10

Music: Mondays 10:50-11:20

Library: Thursdays 1:20-2:05