About Miss Connolly


All You Need To Know About Me!


Hello there!  My name is Miss Connolly and I will be your teacher for second grade. 

       To begin, I have a family that includes my parents, a younger brother and a younger sister.  We have three pets: a yellow Labrador named Kobe, a German Shepard named Sundance, and a turtle named Franklin.  I went to school at Benedictine University and received my bachelors in Elementary Education.  I was in the education honors society called Kappa Delta Pi also.  My favorite food is mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I love movies, music, and Broadway shows.  The Outsiders and the Hunger Games are my two favorite books of all time.

        My philosophy is to put the students before the subject.  I believe that each child learns different from one another, and that it is important to teach them in the way that they comprehend best.  Also, It is important to me that each child learns not only content of the subject areas, but how they can relate that information to their prior knowledge and the real world.