Weekly News

Our class has started something new called weekly news! I will choose a couple of students and they will keep you posted on the events that are going on and what we are working on.


Week of January 1st-   


Language Arts is so much fun.

Mrs. Cook teaches it. She has 

so many fun things for us to do.

Right now we are working on 

cruise brochures. We are doing

this with partners.


                                                                                 First grade is so much fun!

                                                                                I have made so many new friends.

                                                                                Since I moved here from California

                                                                                 everyone has been so welcoming.

                                                                                Plus the teachers are so nice.


Science is great! We learn so many

exciting things! Mrs. Cook teaches

it. Right now we are learning about

the poles. It is very exciting.

                                         - Hunter

                                                                                  I think first grade is so much fun!

                                                                                   My teachers are great. I also love

                                                                                    switching classes. I have made

                                                                                    some new friends this year.


Math is really, really fun.

It is my favorite subject.

Mrs. Baker makes math

really fun. We are working

in our math journals right