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Frequently Asked Qestions

Is it accrediated? Yes.

Penn Foster is accredited by the DEAC and AdvancED; We are also an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau. At Penn Foster, we take accreditation very seriously and adhere to the strict standards set forth by the DEAC. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. AdvancED is the world leader in providing improvement and accreditation services to education providers of all types in their pursuit of excellence in serving students.


How many credits do I need to graduate? 21.5


Will my current high school credits transfer? Some will transfer and some will not.


How long will it take to graduate? It depends on how many credits you need and how many lessons you finish each week.


How does it work? Students meet with the instructor 2-3 times per week on Zoom to complete lessons and review.


How is it paid for? We have limited grant funds to pay for the tuition.


What classes will I take?

Orientation (.5 credit)
Lesson 1 Starting Your Program Study Unit
Lesson 2 Life Skills Study Unit

Human Relations (1 credit)
Lesson 1 Human Relations, Part 1 Study Unit
Lesson 2 Human Relations, Part 2 Study Unit
Lesson 3 Human Relations, Part 3 Study Unit

Reading Skills (1 credit)
Lesson 1 The Printed Word Study Unit
Lesson 2 Main Ideas Study Unit
Lesson 3 Interpreting What You Read Study Unit

Civics (1 credit)
Lesson 1 The Origins of American Government Study Unit
Lesson 2 The United States Constitution Study Unit
Lesson 3 Government in the United States Study Unit
Lesson 4 The Political Process Study Unit

Basic English (1 credit)
Lesson 1 Punctuation and Capitalization Study Unit
Lesson 2 Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, and Verbs Study Unit
Lesson 3 Adverbs and Other Parts of Speech Study Unit
Lesson 4 Sentences and Spelling Study Unit

General Math I (1 credit)
Lesson 1 Whole Numbers Study Unit
Lesson 2 Fractions Study Unit
Lesson 3 Decimals Study Unit
Lesson 4 Measurement Study Unit
Lesson 5 Ratio, Proportion, and Percent Study Unit
Lesson 6 General Review Study Unit

Fitness and Nutrition (1 credit)
Lesson 1 Introduction to Managing Personal Health Study Unit
Lesson 2 Nutrition Basics Study Unit
Lesson 3 Developing Healthy Eating Habits Study Unit
Lesson 4 Cardiorespiratory Fitness Study Unit
Lesson 5 Preventing Injury Study Unit
Lesson 6 Stress Management Techniques Study Unit

American History (1 credit)
Lessons 1–7 American History Study Guide

Practical English (1 credit)
Lesson 1 The Parts of Speech Study Unit
Lesson 2 Word Usage Study Unit
Lesson 3 Sentence Skills Study Unit
Lesson 4 The Writing Process, Part 1 Study Unit
Lesson 5 The Writing Process, Part 2 Study Unit

Consumer Math (1 credit)
Lesson 1 Consumer Math, Part 1 Study Unit
Lesson 2 Consumer Math, Part 2 Study Unit
Lesson 3 Consumer Math, Part 3 Study Unit

Earth Science (1 credit)
Lessons 1–6 Earth Science Study Guide

Written Communication (1 credit)
Lesson 1 Writing Skills, Part 1 Study Unit
Lesson 2 Writing Skills, Part 2 Study Unit
Lesson 3 Writing Skills, Part 3 Study Unit
Lesson 4 Writing Skills: A Personal Narrative Graded Writing Assignment
Lesson 5 Writing Skills, Part 4 Study Unit
Lesson 6 Writing Skills, Part 5 Study Unit

Biology (1 credit)
Lessons 1–5 Biology Study Guide
Miller & Levine Biology Textbook

General Math II (1 credit)
Lesson 1 Numbers and Operations Study Unit
Lesson 2 Equations and Inequalities Study Unit
Lesson 3 Geometry: Terms, Perimeter, Circumference Study Unit
Lesson 4 Geometry: Area and Volume Study Unit

World History (1 credit)
Lessons 1–5 World History Study Guide

Physical Science (1 credit)
Lesson 1 Mechanics Study Unit
Lesson 2 Heat Study Unit
Lesson 3 Sound Study Unit
Lesson 4 Chemistry Study Unit
Lesson 5 Light Study Unit
Lesson 6 Electricity and Electronics Study Unit

Literature (1 credit)
Lessons 1–7 Literature Study Guide
Great American Short Stories Textbooks
The Call of the Wild
Great Short Poems
Songs for the Open Road: Poems of Travel & Adventure
Civil Disobedience and Other Essays
Great Speeches by Native Americans
Narrative of Sojourner Truth
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Electives (5 credits)


Call of the Wild

Bernice Bobs her Hair

The White heron

A private History of a Campaign that Failed

A MidSummer Night's Dream

Sojourner Truth

Civil Diobedience

Paul's Case

Young Goodman Brown