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Writing Part 1

Writing Level E

Sentences, fragments, and run-ons VIDEO

  1. reportD.3Is it a complete sentence, a fragment, or a run-on?

Regular plural nouns VIDEO

  1. reportF.2Use regular plurals with -s, -es, and -ies

Irregular plural nouns

  1. reportG.1Is the noun singular or plural?
  2. reportG.2Form and use irregular plurals

Possessive nouns

  1. reportH.3Identify and correct errors with plural and possessive nouns

Subject-verb agreement VIDEO

  1. reportJ.3Pronoun-verb agreement

Regular past tense

  1. reportK.3Form and use the regular past tense

Future tense

  1. reportL.1Change the sentence to future tense

Simple verb tense review

  1. reportO.1Is the sentence in the past, present, or future tense?

Helping verbs

  1. reportP.1Identify main verbs and helping verbs


Prepositions VIDEOS

  1. reportZ.1Identify prepositions
  2. reportZ.2Identify prepositions and their objects
  3. reportZ.3Identify prepositional phrases
  4. reportZ.4Prepositions: review

Contractions Video

  1. reportAA.1Pronoun-verb contractions
  2. reportAA.2Contractions with "not"

Coordinating conjunctions VIDEO

  1. reportBB.1Identify coordinating conjunctions
  2. reportBB.2Use coordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions

  1. reportCC.1Identify subordinating conjunctions
  2. reportCC.2Use subordinating conjunctions


  1. reportDD.1Capitalizing the names of people and pets and titles of respect
  2. reportDD.2Capitalizing days, months, and holidays
  3. reportDD.3Capitalizing the names of places and geographic features
  4. reportDD.4 Capitalizing proper adjectives, nationalities, and languages
  5. reportDD.5Capitalization: review

Commas Video

  1. reportEE.1Commas with a series
  2. reportEE.2Commas with dates
  3. reportEE.3Commas with the names of places
  4. reportEE.4Commas with direct addresses and after introductory words
  5. reportEE.5Commas: review

Quotations and dialogue

  1. reportJJ.1Punctuating dialogue


  1. reportLL.3Find synonyms in context


  1. reportMM.3Find antonyms in context


  1. reportOO.3Use the correct homophone

Multiple-meaning words

  1. reportPP.2Which definition matches the sentence?
  3. Related words
  1. reportQQ.1Order items from most general to most specific
  2. reportQQ.3Select the words that don't belong

Context clues

  1. reportVV.1Determine the meaning of words using synonyms in context
  2. reportVV.2Use context to identify the meaning of a word

Main idea

  1. reportYY.1Organize information by main idea
  2. reportYY.2Determine the main idea


  1. reportZZ.1Distinguish facts from opinions
  2. reportZZ.2Identify an author's statement of opinion
  3. reportZZ.3Choose reasons to support an opinion

Sequence of events

  1. reportBBB.1Identify time-order words
  2. reportBBB.2Put the sentences in order
  3. reportBBB.3Determine the order of events in informational texts

Logical transitions

  1. reportCCC.1Choose the best transition




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