Classroom Policies and Procedures

Parent/Teacher Communication

In order to keep you informed on your child’s progress I will be sending home a variety of progress reports, newsletters, and notes.  It is important for me to hear from you.  I encourage frequent communication with students and parents.  I welcome all constructive feedback.

  FROG Binders:

In addition to previously listed means of communication, I will also be using a daily binder named FROG (For Really Organized Guys/Girls).  It will include your child’s planner, behavior chart, homework, completed work, etc.  In addition to keeping you informed, it will also help your child gain or improve their organizational skills.

  Student Planners:

Each student is required to own and use the school student planners (located in the FROG binders).  In this planner they will write all homework, quiz, test, and project assignments.  I will also indicate your child’s behavior for each day in the planners.  The planners will be checked at the end of the day by the teacher to ensure that students are writing down all assignments.  Parents will sign the planners each day to indicate they have reviewed all assignments, notes, and behavior.

 Online Grading:

Each students will be given a password so that their parents can access their grades online.  Please be aware that it may take a couple of days to update, but parents should check this regularly to stay up to date with assignments.

Grading and Assignments 

Homework is assigned to help students practice skills or review materials that are essential to their learning.  Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  It is expected to be completed and returned the next day after the assignment is given.  Homework assignments will be graded on the child’s attempt to complete the assignment not on accuracy, however it will be checked and returned in your student’s FROG binders in the folder labeled: Fabulous Finished Work.  Please review these assignments to monitor your child’s progress. 

Homework passes will be given throughout the year to reward students for their behavior or achievement.  Your child will be able to use this coupon any time they choose; however, it is imperative that they keep up with the coupon and present it on the day of the missing assignment.  Late homework or homework passes are not accepted.

Grading Scale:

Third grade is the first time students receive standard letter grades.  KCC uses a stringent academic standard.

A         100-93

B          92-87  

C         86-79

N         78-69

U         Below 69

Assignment Weights: 

Tests/Projects:                                      60%

Quizzes:                                                10%
Classwork/ Notebook Checks:             25%
Homework:                                          5%

Behavior Plan 

Students will be expected to be good students and citizens at all times.  While our class does have a set of established rules that address most issues, the teacher may decide to add others at their discretion.  The rules are as follows:

  1. Follow directions
  2. Keep hands and feet to yourself
  3. Use kind words
  4. Respect others and their property
  5. Always do your BEST!

Our class will be using a color system for tracking behavior and for behavior management.  Our classroom behavior plan is as follows:

Each student has his/her own pocket on the wall.  Each students starts the day off with their stick in a green pocket, when he/she breaks a classroom rule they move their stick to a new pocket for each broken rule.  At the end of the day the student will get a stamp in their planners which will reflect their behavior for the day.

  • Green- Start
  • Yellow- 1st offense/Warning
  • Blue- 2nd offense
  • Red- 3rd offense
  • Black- 4th offense
 **Severe behaviors may warrant skipping steps.  Violent or threatening behavior, inappropriate language, destruction of property, and insubordination will not be tolerated.  Any of the above listed behaviors will result in an immediate referral to the office** 

I use a point reward system that allows students the opportunity to earn many rewards.  Just a few possible ways to earn rewards will be to not move behavior stick, complete all homework assignments, and get planner signed by parents.