Alternate Spelling List

May 10-15.  I have included the definitions to help children complete some of the spelling activities.

 Barrette is a clasp used to hold a girl's hair in place.
Baboon is a large monkey found in Africa or Arabia.
Balloon is an inflated bag.
Cemetery is a place set apart for graves or tombs.
Chameleon is a lizard that can, as protection, change color.
Coyote is a smaller, wolf-like animal.

Crochet is needlework with a needle having a hook at one end.
Croquet is a game played by knocking balls through metal wickets with a mallet.
Embarrass is to cause confusion and shame to.
Faucet is a device to control the flow of liquid.
Hippopotamus is called the river horse, from Africa.
Hoax is something intended to deceive or defraud.
Horrendous is shockingly dreadful.
Humiliate is to cause a loss of pride or dignity.
Humongous means extraordinarily large.
Magnificent is making a splendid appearance or show.
Mayonnaise is a thick dressing of different ingredients.