Story Town Lesson 1

Arthur’s Reading Race

Spelling Words

flag, fin, ran, has, fill, sat, list, sit, bag, win

Reading Skill

Characters ~ Students need to be able to describe and identify characters in a story.

Writing Skill

Sentences ~ Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with punctuation mark. Sentences have a telling part and an action part.

Story Vocabulary and Definitions

already – happened before you knew it eat – put food in mouth

prove – show you can do it know - understand

sign – gives information learned – been taught

police – people who help us eight – number after seven

spy – to see read – to make words with letters

buy – to get with money

money – coins, bills

Robust Vocabulary and Definitions

dangerous – not safe heed – listen to a warning

style – they way you do something

ignore – not listen on purpose

passion – do something with energy

challenge – hard to do

underestimate – thought it was easier than it really is

proficient – good at something


Story Town Lesson 2

Frog and Toad All Year

Spelling Words

not, best, run, job, bed, spot, get, mud, ten, duck

Reading Skill

Characters ~ Students need to be able to identify and describe characters in a story

Writing Skill 

Statements and Questions

A statement is a telling sentence.

A question is an asking sentence.

Story Vocabulary Words and Definitions

covered – to place something over something else

everything – all things you see all around

guess – try to figure out or predict

through – in one side and out the other

woods – an area with trees all around

surprised – shocked about something you didn’t know was going to happen

pleased - happy

Robust Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Edge – border or side neighborly – friendly to people who live

Ventured – went some place new near you

Described – tell about it in detail

Hesitate – pause or wait before doing something

Anonymous – without a name

Unselfish – you share with others

Satisfied – happy with the way things are