Classroom Rules,Discipline, and Procedures


In room 206 each student is responsible for his or her own behavior. They will be given choices on how they would like to act in our classroom. If a student does not make a “good” choice they will be sent to the “Think About It” area. At that time the student will be asked to reflect on his or her choice that was made. The student will also be asked to come up with a plan of action that will help him or her make a better choice. I will keep a record of time spent in this area. If your son or daughter has been asked to spend time in the “Think About It” area you will be notified with a note or phone call. If the problem continues, a meeting will be set up and a plan will be set in pace that meets the students’ behavioral needs. If the problem still continues, Mr. Schultz will be involved.

Homework Policy:

Homework is sent home every Tuesday and Thursday. It is due back on the following day with no exceptions. If more time is allowed I will send a note home (i.e. projects). In our classroom homework is considered practice and is not graded (with the exception of projects). It is however, important that it is completed. If questions come up while doing homework please write me a note... this will not be counted against your son or daughter.

Daily Folders:  

Each student will be receiving a “take home” folder. The pockets of the folder will be labeled as “Bring Back” and “Keep Home”. Please check the folder on a daily basis and return it to school the following day.