Friday, June 10th

Tuesday, June 14th

Friday, June17th

Tuesday, June 21st

Friday, June 24th

                Intro. to Venn Diagrams & Limits ... check your email for the ppt.

Tuesday, June 28th

                Con't.  Limits ... check your email for the ppt.

Friday, July 1st   .  .  .  Online Activity

                 A.  Intro. through a Video . . .  Highlight of Calculus

                            Read and take notes for the first two topics, Big Picture of Calculus and Big Picture: Derivatives

               B.  An Interactive Activity  . . . Application

                           As you read through the activity, there will be times when you can assess your understanding.    

              C.    QUESTIONS . . . Forthcoming Tuesday, July 5th

Friday, July 8th

Tuesday, July 12th

              Reviewed  Limits ... requiring factoring!           

             Intro. to Derivatives ... Power Functions & Polynomials Only

                        Resource   URL:  Mathtv.com

Friday, July 15th

  1. Have a QUIZ on derivatives & limits, too. 
  2. Receive your folder containing your graded papers. Please use them to review for my exam. They will, however, be turned into me, along with the folder on Exam Day, July 20th.
  3. Receive today's graded Quiz/Homework.
  4. Be given the option to sign-up for a tutoring session...Date - TBA.
  5. Given the review assignment to be turned in on Exam Day, July 20th..

Wednesday, July 20th - EXAM

  •  Return graded papers in folder.
  • Bring only a TI-83/84 calculator.
  • Turn in Review Packet..