EXAM Review Packet...Part II

             SmileIn class on Friday, July 15th, you will receive Part I of the Review Packet. On the back, answer the following questions. As for the trigonometric chart, copy and complete it on the back as well.

 Review Packet Part II

Give the formulas for… 

Exponential Growth                                                                   Exponential Decay   

Application…Show your work! Write your answer in a COMPLETE SENTENCE incorporating the question. 

 A sample of 4,000 bacteria decreases in size at a rate of 5% a year. How many bacteria will be in the sample after 100 years?     

The population of Richmond County was 285,000 in 2000 and is growing at an annual rate of 2%. If this continues, how many people would you expect to be in the town in 2012?     

Is there a relationship?

The dosage chart below was prepared by a drug company for doctors who prescribed Tobramycin, a drug that combats serious bacterial infections such as those in the central nervous system, for life-threatening situations.      

 x:  Weight                          y:  Usual Dosage           

(pounds)                                     (mg)           

88                                            40            

99                                            45            

 110                                         50           

121                                            55            

132                                            60            

143                                            65            

154                                           70            

 165                                           75            

176                                            80            

187                                           85            

198                                           90            

 209                                         95  

a)  Write the line of best fit. 

  b) What is the usual dosage for a 240 pound person?Write your answer in a sentence.  

Trigonometry Complete this table.

Ratio illustrating the relationship of opp., hyp. and adj.               Ratio illustrating the reciprocal trigonometric function.

Ratio illustrating the relationship of the coordinates, (x,y) and the radius, r.                         

sin θ      
sec θ      
tan θ      
cos θ      
cot θ      
csc θ      



Given the polynomial, f(x) = a x n , where a and n are Real numbers, what is the general formula for finding…

  f ' (x) =