Getting to Know Me!


Getting to know your instructor...

What is my educational philosophy?

As an educator I have many expectations and beliefs regarding how our classroom will be conducted.  My main expectation that I have for you as my students, is that you will work your hardest in order to succeed in the classroom without being afraid of failure.  I believe that if failure does occur then we must use that experience to move forward and grow in our education.  I hope that within our classroom we will be able to work together towards creating a family-like atmosphere. 

It is my hope that we can work together to create an environment that is open and friendly.  When this is done, you will be able to receive the optimal education because you will not be afraid to ask questions or share your opinions.  Within our classroom I hope that we will be able to create roles, rules, and expectations for one another in order to create a family-like culture.  With that being said, I do not believe that I should have all of the power within the classroom.  I think that it is our responsibility to work together to set the goals, rules, and expectations for each other.  However, it is important to note that in some instances, I will have final say in what occurs in the classroom.

If you ever have a question or suggestion that may benefit the class, please feel free to share!  I am always willing to learn if you are! 

Where did I go to school?

I graduated with a BA in Biology from SUNY Binghamton in May of 2010.  I am currently working towards attaining my MST in Adolescent Education.  At the end of my Masters program I will be certified to teach Biology as well as 7-12 Special Education.

Why did I choose to be your teacher?

When I was your age I thought that I knew exactly what I wanted out of life.  I wanted to go on to college, study biology, and eventually go on to medical school.  As I progressed through my college career however, I soon realized that I could not and did not want to be faced with death in my everyday life.  This realization led me to choose a different path for my life, one that is both new and exciting every day! 

I decided to become a teacher for one simple reason...I wanted to make a difference in at least one other person's life.  What better way to do that than to be able to share one of my passions, science, with young and eager students?!   I wanted and still to this day want to help my students see their potential for success both inside the classroom and out.  It is my hope that together we can attain all of the hopes and dreams that you have for yourself.  If nothing else, I hope to make science fun and interesting for you because lets face it, SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE!