Class Rules

If we follow these rules, we will all be Smile!  


Smile Respect everyone at all times.  This means no name-calling, pushing, kicking, grabbing, taking things without asking, or lying.

Smile No talking in the classroom when the teacher is talking.  If you have a question, raise your hand and wait to be called on.

Smile Bring your green homework folder back with you to school every day with your COMPLETED homework inside.

Smile In the morning, once you arrive at school, put your belongings in your cubbies, put all homework in the homework bin on the teacher's desk, and read SILENTLY at your desk until the morning announcements, or silently do the activity that is on the board. 

Smile Ask the teacher for permission to get out of your seat during class by raising your hand, whether it is to go to the bathroom, sharpen your pencil, etc.


If we break these rules, we will be Frown because there are consequences!                                        


Frown If you break a rule for the first time, you will receive a warning.

Frown If you break a rule for the second time that day, you will lose your token for the day.

Frown If you break a rule for the third time that day, you will lose one token that was previously earned (slide it back one number on your chart). 

Frown If you break a fourth rule, then you must stay in at recess to have a talk with the teacher.

Frown *NOTE* If the student displays severely violent, disruptive, or threatening behavior, the tiered behavior management system described above will not apply.  The student will immediately be removed from the class, and the parents will be notified.