Classroom Behavior and Rewards

Rewards for Good Behavior
In my classroom, we have "Teacher Tokens."  For every day that the students are behaving according to the rules, they each will receive a "Teacher Token."  These tokens are like imaginary "money" for the "Teacher Treasure Chest" that contains all sorts of prizes provided by me, Ms. Ebeling!  Your number of tokens earned will be charted on the magnetic poster at the front of the room.  At the end of each day that you received a token, you slide your magnetic token across one number.  The chart will contain a total number of ten spots, or two weeks, of good behavior.  At the end of two weeks, on a Friday, we have "Treasure Pleasure Day" in which the students can "buy" certain items from the "Teacher Treasure Chest" based on how many tokens they earned.  Below are the items matched with the number of tokens earned. 
0-2 tokens: No prize Frown 
3-5 tokens: Stickers 
6-8 tokens: Pencil/eraser 
9-10 tokens: Book/toy
*NOTE TO PARENTS*  If your child has an issue with behaving (i.e., he or she rarely qualifies for prizes), then you and I will work out a different system for him or her.  This would most likely require a behavior contract, and you and I would need to set up a conference as soon as the problem behavior is identified.  Please feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions regarding your child's behavior or my system (see "About Me/Contact Me" page).