Ms. Ebeling's Rules on Grading, Homework, and Tests

In my classroom, I believe it is important to have the second graders begin to take responsibility for what they are learning, and this is primarily done through homework.  Homework is not graded.  I only look at it to see if the students are completing everything or if they are struggling with a subject.  In my grade book, the students will either receive a C for "complete," or an I for "incomplete."  Since homework is not given a point value, it is very important that the students do their homework by themselves.

In Room 2A, there will be a weekly spelling test as well as a reading unit test every two weeks.  The spelling tests are usually on Fridays, and the reading unit tests are usually on Thursdays.  The children will also be tested in the other subjects as soon as we are done with a unit (usually every two weeks). Tests are graded.  It would be beneficial to help your child study by quizzing him or her on the material the night(s) before a test. 

My grading system is based off of the administrative model: points earned over total points.  On the students' report cards, they will receive a final "grade" of Excellent, Very Good, Satisfactory, or Needs Improvement.  Below is a sample of what my grade book looks like:


                                            HW 1                                       Spelling Test 1                                                 Reading Unit Test 1

Student X                              C                                                 19/20                                                                      21/25