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Welcome to my page!

All about me:  I have been teaching for over 10 years!!! and I love math!!!!

My ultimate job is to make sure you love math too!!!   Look below for more details!!!

A class schedule

8:00am -  Algebra I

9:00 am -  Algebra II

10:00am- Higher Mathmatics

11:00am  -  no class for me

1:00 pm -   Algebra I

2:00pm -  Algebra II

Rules and procedures

You respect me  -  I will respect you!

You must work hard in this classroom -   You will get good grades!  (guaranteed!)

You must keep your hands feet and object to yourself-   You will be entrusted with objects like ipads, and math equipement!

A class assignment for Spring Break

Understanding Slopes

You must get a map of your town.     Take a look at intercepting streets.   Now you must find 3 slopes and write an equation.   Make sure you use the letter and numbers on your map to help you write your equation.    For example:  Apple street has an equation of y= 2x + 2.   You must turn in a copy of your map with all 3 slopes labeled.   Enjoy, this is worth 1 TEST GRADE!!!!
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Drop a note or questions at:   -   I answer within 24 hours

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