Señora Eldredge's Policies

In addition to following all of PHS's and Escambia County's Policies and Procedures, here are some of the rules and policies for my class: 


20% Participation

30% Homework/Classwork

50% Tests and Quizzes *most quizzes are open-note

It is the student's responsibility to inquire about make up work when they return from an absence. All work from ISS is due the day the student returns to class. The teacher will not ask students for make up work at the end of the semester. If a student falls asleep during class, or does not participate in the class-work activities, he or she may not make up this work.

Tardiness: 3 times late to class and the student will receive a referral

Participation Grading Scale and Descriptions

The teacher will give a participation grade (worth 20% of the student’s grade) each semester. Here is how they students will be graded:

A range: 90-95-100    The student regularly and actively participates in class. The student asks thoughtful questions and attempts all in class work. This student arrives on time with all materials and supplies. This student stays on task almost all the time. This student does not sleep or put his or her head down during class. This student does not disturb the learning environment, but adds to it in a positive way.B range: 80-85            The student attends class and is normally on time. The student usually participates and sometimes asks questions. This student attempts most of the in class work. This student is sometimes off task or distracting to others, but responds to redirection.This student should ask more thoughtful questions in order to improve his or her grade. He or she should also ask the teacher about specific ways to improve this score (moving seats, improving focus during class).C range: 80 or below   This student is late for class most days. This student is reluctant to participate in class discussion. This student does not usually complete in class work. This student distracts the class often with his or her behavior. This student demonstrates a lack of interest in the class (not just the content). This student does not respond well to redirection. This student sleeps in class and frequently asks to leave the room. This student should talk to the teacher about ways to improve this grade.