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Hi! I'm Ms. Little...welcome to our classroom! Here, you can find any upcoming events and/or teaching updates our class is anticipating! (Calendar and events may be subject to change)

Upcoming Events:

New Orleans Zoo Field Trip - Tuesday, April 24th

Open House - Thursday, April 26th 6:00 pm

Weekly Agenda (April 23-27):

Spelling Test (Unit 13)- Wednesday, April 25th

Math Test (Chapter 12) - Friday, April 27th

Classroom Notes:

We are now using an app on our Ipads called Spelling City. Your child has his/her own username and password to login to the website. This allows your child to access Spelling City at home and receive extra time studying and playing interactive games to learn their spelling words. Each week, I will have their new spelling words and story updated in Spelling City so that you may help your child learn at home. This is an awesome fun website for students so please take advantage of Spelling City! Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the new program.

Outstanding Work This Week:

Susie - 1st place in Spelling Bee 3rd Grade

Blake - 3rd place in Spelling Bee 3rd Grade

Classroom Recognition:

Ms. Little's Class voted "Hardest Workers in Family Can Food Drive" (Great job guys!)

Contact Information:


"Give a child wings and he will fly." -Author Unknown  smiley