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Our cement handicrafts are exported to all markets around the world and are becoming more and more popular and selling. The low-key gray is extraordinary, and has become the unique soul of our cement crafts.

Although plastic flower pots do not cause soil pH problems like concrete flower pots, they are lightweight and easy to move. But plastic flower pots are not environmentally friendly. Although the pH of concrete is very basic, it will lead to plant nutritional deficiencies. However, if the cement pot is coated with a sealant, the soil pH will not be a problem. Slow-release fertilizers and small amounts of trace elements can also be added to potted plants.

Earthen flower pots are more conducive to soil respiration, help to control the temperature of the soil and provide a better way for water to infiltrate the walls of the pot and evaporate, giving the soil a cooling effect.

Plastic flower pots do not provide this function, and as time goes by, it is possible to infiltrate chemicals into the soil, which is not friendly to plants.

Definition of handicrafts: "Products produced entirely by hand or with the aid of cement flower pots suppliers. Handicrafts are made of raw materials and can be produced in unlimited quantities. Culturally, they are dependent, decorative, functional, traditional, Symbolic in religion and society.

The importance of handicrafts

Economic importance: In terms of economic development, handicrafts are extremely important. Even with low capital investment, they provide sufficient employment opportunities and become an important medium for foreign income
India is a country with rich culture, history and traditions. India is one of the major iron wall hanging candle holder and suppliers of handicrafts in the world. For a long time, India has been a major producer and supplier of handicrafts. Before the development of industry, such art and industry were potential economic advantages for the country.

Cultural importance: Handicrafts play a very important role in representing the culture and traditions of any country or region. Handicrafts are an important medium for preserving rich traditional arts, heritage and culture, traditional skills and talents related to people's lifestyles and history.