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You will get the most battery life out of your scooter if you charge it regularly. Keep the scooter in proper working order and clean any dust, dirt, or grime that builds up, especially on the metal parts. Keep the scooter somewhere indoors so that it will stay dry and won t be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. There isn t much that needs to be done in order to keep an electric scooter in great condition and proper working order. The only other major thing to remember about maintaining your mobility scooter is simply keeping it clean. This will go a long way towards keeping the battery healthy as well as keeping the electric scooter clean. Most electric mobility scooters with inflatable tires require a tire pressure of 30 35 psi (be sure to check the manual of your scooter for the correct tire pressure).

It s pretty easy to take care of your mobility scooter, and by following these simple steps, your scooter will last for years. Also, you should manually inspect the tires periodically to make sure they haven t taken any serious damage that could lead to a flat. Like most other types of rechargeable Centrifugal Switch Suppliers batteries, the useful life of the battery will be much longer if you charge them fully regularly. Because of their relatively simple mechanical design, mobility scooters typically won t require professional service in their expected lifetime.One of the best things about electric mobility scooters is their ease of use. You will also want to check the tires regularly, because if one of the tires fails while you are using the scooter, the result could be damage to the scooter or injury to yourself. Just be sure to take care of the battery, the tires, and keep the unit clean. As you re cleaning the scooter, remember to check the terminal battery connections and clean any corrosion off. Cleaning the dirt and grime off of your scooter benefits you not only because the scooter looks better, but also because that dirt can get into the mechanical parts of the scooter and cause unnecessary additional wear and tear. When you return home after any trip that you used the scooter, go ahead and charge the battery. You will also want to check the battery s terminal connections themselves, to make sure they remain secure and not corroded. Under inflated tires could make the scooter unstable and over inflated tires can burst under pressure. Firstly, take care of the mobility scooter s battery. Keeping the battery fully charged when possible helps to ensure that you won t be stranded by a dead battery, and it also guarantees that the scooter won t be sluggish to respond to your controls (like it would if you had a weak battery). . Do not allow the tires to become under inflated or over inflated. The minor maintenance activities that are recommended are quite easy to perform and will keep your mobility scooter working for years to come.