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Point of Sale peripherals like printers, displays and support systems which enhance industry and retail sector. Book-keeping, costing and accounts are more entries in new venues of business. New space for vendors or move ability of food items from kitchen is getting easier. The history of restaurant POS terminal started from the cash register where limited level of functions available but restricted to owners choice only. In restaurant it shows to their clients what order theyre making and confirm them after it. The microprocessor was developed none other than software companies. Later, this set-up started to form in departmental stores and other retail outlets. The new restaurant POS system was based on the cash register but with 1000 times more power because of the computing technology. Then the retail outlet moves through window platform. This happened due to innovation done in the restaurant POS development. All the sales will be recorded in the referred terminal and even performance of the salesman is too measured and after all the process the recommended receipt of sale is provided. When the customer reaches the required table, menu ordered will be graced on the table. Cash register which is controlled by micro-processor was initiated in restaurants in United States. .

Restaurant industry has fast become the world fast-food industry. Touch-screens or wireless network started to create mobility and create more space into the system. You can order in between, maybe second and then for the third time too, still the order is still displayed. But its more different Terminal Board to other normal industries. Use of hospitality POS has ushered more efficiency in the restaurant business. New development is the touch-screen tech, which is adaptable and mobile too.In the hospitality industry or restaurants, POS applications play a big role. Costing and reports can also be taken. Now business is expanded and the new generation hospitality POS applications can enhance back-office jobs, store and have forecasting-facility too. It takes the innovation to higher esteem by giving the receipt to the ordered client and in the due time provides required ingredients for the kitchen. In 80s, computer started to work as store assistance-ship plus work too as cash register. Processing, storage, flexibility and Point of Sale outlet started to develop plus create standardization for vendors, retailers etc. But the complete receipt will have tax and full details according the countries jurisdiction. It has enhanced more features in its kitty. Due to regular break-downs only needed data is to be added and other datas will be swiped from the files in cluster thus creating less-load to the computer server. Commercial use of the system work for servicing the client, accustom to work with same-level of employees; network in same area or local, remote communication too. The transaction recorded in the hardware or the referred software is called terminal in POS. Retailers, mainly the restaurateurs, started to have a different outlook. Now POS includes cash register, full-fledge computer set-up, printer for bills, display for clients, scanner for barcodes and reader to swipe cards.