Summer Reading List 2009

 Summer Reading List 2009


Pick three of the books on the list, below, and read them over the summer at your leisure. Remember you want to be ready for 7th Grade.  Do not forget to visit your local library and sign up and take part in their Reading Program.  You can read these books as part of the library's reading program and earn rewards.  Happy summer reading.

Reading is all I require--no summaries, weekly bookmarks, or digital book reports.  I just want to keep up with your reading!!


Before Entering 7th Grade

Anderson: Fever, 1793 c2000 historical fiction
In 1793 sixteen year-old Matty, who is forced to leave her home to aviod the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia, learns self-reliance and perseverance.



Avi: Crispin: The Cross of Lead c2004 historical fiction
Crispin is a poor, motherless child who finds that there is a price on his head. When the only person who can tell him who he really is dies, he is left to fend for himself. He does make a friend of a strange fellow who protects him and teaches him skills to make his way in the lonely world of 14th century England.



Bradley: For Freedom: The Story of a French Spy c2003 historical fiction
During World War II, a 13-year-old French girl finds her life changed and in danger when she becomes a spy for the French Resistance.



Caputo: 10,000 Days of Thunder: A History of the Vietnam War c2005
Accounts from Vietnam soldiers and civilians, profiles of persons involved and the role of the female on the battlefield are depicted in this book, which includes a collection of photographs and maps of the war from its beginning to the fall of Saigon in 1975.



Carson: Gifted Hands: The Story of Ben Carson c1990 autobiography
The inspirational story of Ben Carson, an African American pediatric neurosurgeon, who achieved his life goals in spite of the many obstacles he encountered.



Colfer: Airman c2008 adventure, survival, fantasy
Duck organizes the farm animals for a talent show at the county fair. The first prize is a trampoline.



DuPrau: The City of Ember c2003 fantasy
Twelve-year-old Lina lives in the 241 year-old ruined, underground city of Ember where she and a friend embark on a harrowing journey to find a way out of the city and save their people before it is too late.



Funke: The Thief Lord c2001 adventure, fantasy
The threat of being separated causes two orphaned brothers to run away to Venice where they join a group of fugitive children and a gentle undercover detective.



Haddix: Among the Hidden c1998 science fiction, adventure
Luke, twelve years old and an illegally born third child, has been in hiding all of his life from the Population Police who are trying to eliminate "shadow children."



Hiaasen: Hoot c2002 mystery, environmental issue
Roy, a middle school boy who is the target of a school bully, gets involved in a mysterious case of vandalism and a barefoot boy’s commitment to save burrowing owls living on a construction site.



Hobbs: Jackie’s Wild Seattle c2003 adventure
While spending the summer with their uncle at a wildlife rescue center, 14-year-old Shannon and her younger brother encounter life-changing experiences.



Horowitz: Alex Rider Adventures adventure
Read about the adventures of Alex Rider, a teenage super spy. 1st book: Stormbreaker (Series does not have to be read in order)



Lobel: No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War c1998 autobiography
Anita Lobel, a Polish Jew and an illustrator of children’s books, writes of her experiences during World War II and in Sweden after the war.



Riordan: The Lightning Thief c2005 fantasy
Percy learns that he has special powers after he makes his pre-algebra teacher disappear. Further investigation reveals that he is the son of Greek god Poseidon. To save humankind Percy embarks on an adventure to return a lightning bolt his father stole from Zeus.



Sachar: Holes c1998 adventure
Stanley Yelnats finds true friendship, a treasure and a new beginning at Camp Greenwood, a correctional camp in Texas for juveniles, where he is sent for a crime he did not commit.



Smith: Cryptid Hunters c2005 adventure, mystery
Adventurous and orphaned twins, Grace and Marty, are sent to live with their mysterious uncle who is an authority on cryptids. They find themselves being dropped from a plane in the Congolese jungle, where they discover truths about themselves and their family.



Weeks: So B. It c2005 contemporary realistic fiction, diversity
Heidi searches to discover the background of her mentally disabled mother.



Whelan: Burying the Sun c2004 historical fiction, diversity
While trying to survive the cold and starvation during the WW II siege of Leningrad, fourteen-year-old Georgi, his family and their neighbors try to keep hope alive by focusing on the beauty in the world.



Woodson: Hush c2002 contemporary realistic fiction, diversity
A twelve-year-old African American girl encounters many challenges when her family enters the Witness Protection Progra