Summer Reading Journal

How to Write your Summer Reading Journal


Your summer reading journal will help you remember the three books you read over the summer.  It is a progressive journal, meaning it should be written as you proceed through reading your books.  Below are 4 required entries with writing prompts to consider for each book.  Your response can be brief well-developed paragraphs or extend onto another sheet of paper.  Keeping a Summer Reading Journal will prepare you for 7th Grade and the upcoming MEAP.


  1. After reading the first one-fourth (1/4) of the book (choose one)
  • Reflect on how the character you met will influence the direction of the book.
  • Describe the setting, and explain how it contributes to the atmosphere of the book.
  • Is ther a conflict you can make a prediction about, and explain with examples, from the text, supporting your response.

2. When you are one-half (1/2) way through the book (choose one)

  • Comment on the importance of one event in the plot
  • What has happened in the story so far that has surprised you?

3.  When you are three-fourth (3/4) of the way through the book (choose one)

  • Make a connection between this book and another book you have read.  Support your response with examples from both both books.
  • Connect the book to an incident in your own experience.  Support your response with examples from the book and your life.

4.  After finishing the book:

  • Reflect on the meaning or symbolism of the title--does the title sum up the book.  Support your answers with examples from the book.
  • Create a new title for the book and explain why you think yours is more fitting.
  • Explain if you enjoyed or disliked the book and why.


 See Summer Reading List on this website for your choice of reading.