CES Annual Spelling Bee



Spelling Bee Official Procedures 


Tie Breaker Procedures


1.       Teachers will have a can with words on slips of paper to choose randomly from. 

2.       Class (A & B groups) will be divided entire class (A & B groups) into 3 groups.

3.       Teacher will select a word from can and say the word for the student.

5.       Students will listen to the word read by their English teacher only (Round 1 only).

6.       Students can ask:

             a.       “Sentence, please” if they need clarification (1 time)

             b.      “Please, repeat” if they need to hear it again (1 times)

             c.       “Please, clarify. The word is ‘------‘?”  (1 time)

             d.      “Correction” if they realize they made a mistake (1 time)

7.       Student will say the word, spell the word, and then say the word.   If the student misspells the word then the next student will receive the same word.  This same word will continue until each student has been asked.  If all students were unable to spell it, then the teacher will give the correct spelling and change words.

8.       Students that fail to follow procedures will not advance.

9.       Students that misspell a word will not advance to the next line.



During the round that leaves a student or that more than one reach line 5, you will finish that round completely.  Then ask all remaining students to sit down where they are.   In order to secure a finalist, the teacher will lead the line 5 students in a tie-breaker round using another set of more challenging words that have been seen throughout the year during social studies, science and during reading. These will not be words that were included on the spelling study list.  Students that are truly interested in learning to be good spellers will begin to pay attention to every text that they read in every context beyond their 8-20 weekly spelling words.   Each student will spell words from the envelope until one misspells or forgets protocol.  If two students remain and both have spelled 3 tie-breaker words correctly in sequence each, then they will both be invited to the final round.  They will both have earned the right to the grand finale.

Round 1 Judges:  Teacher of the group, Coordinator/Director and one other volunteer to observe the crowd.  Judges will be introduced to the parents at the beginning.

Round 2 Judges:  Coordinator, director and qualified teacher and one other volunteer to observe the crowd. 

NOTE:  Anyone caught giving hand or mouth signals to participants on stage will be asked to leave the competition including parents.  Just as a referee has the final say in a sporting event, judges have final discretionary authority and all decisions will be respected and upheld.  

At the end of the 1st round, there would be three finalists.  First and second grades will not proceed to the general Spelling Bee finals.  The three finalists for each grade level will receive participation certificates at the grand finale for CES. The top three finalists for grades three through six will be invited to participate in the general Spelling Bee Competition.  At the end of the 1st round, there should be 12 students qualified to the 2nd round unless we have students spell 3 tiebreaker words correctly.  By having this first Qualifying Round, we make sure that every parent gets a chance to see his/her child in at least one stage.

CES Final Spelling Bee

Round 2 - Regular Competitive Spelling Bee

First, second and third places will be awarded!

  • Students will sit in a row on a bench up on the stage from 3rd - 6th grades.
  • Students will stand up when it is their turn and follow the same procedures in Round 1 #5.
  • Students must follow procedures to remain in the contest.
  • Students will not be asked the same word that a fellow student misspelled.
  • Students must spell the word correctly.Once the student misspells a word, he/she will move from the bench to the floor.
  • To avoid an injustice, since the students will be competing against students of other grade levels, students from a lower grade will not be asked to spell a word that is beyond their grade level. That is, a 2nd grader would not be asked to spell a word from the 3rd grade lists, BUT a 3rd grader may be asked to spell a word from 2nd or 1st grade.
  • Students will not be allowed to remain if they exhibit bad sportsmanship.  Let’s teach them healthy competition!