Emotional Intelligence

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Comunidad Educativa del Sol places a huge emphasis on project-based learning and cooperative learning activities.    Studies show that students acquiring a new language learn much faster when working in teams.  Not only does it help with language acquisition but it helps students to develop interpersonal skills and improve their emotional intelligence.  Your emotional intelligence is not something you are born with but is a learned intelligence.  Daniel Goleman wrote a great book on this intelligence and in it he explains that your ability to interact with other people in a healthy manner is your level of emotional intelligence.  How does one handle conflict?   How does one handle disappointment?  How does one handle disaster or emergency situations?  Learning to negotiate, compromise, keep the peace, think under pressure and work with people for the good of others is a skill that everyone must have to succeed in the work place.  You can be a genius and have an IQ that is off the charts but that doesn’t guarantee you a successful career.  It is the people that intentionally work to acquire a high level of emotional intelligence, combined with their IQ, that tend to succeed such as Bill Gates of  the Microsoft Corporation.


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