Parent Page

       Class Rules:


                                              * Students must come to class prepared with necessary supplies.

                                              * NO BULLYING Policy - It will not be tolerated.

                                              * Students are expected to be respectful of all students.

                                              * Students are not allowed to have phones out.

                                              * Students will raise their hand to speak and wait for permission.

                                              * Students must ask for permission to leave the room. 

                                              * Students will participate in learning activities.

                                              * Students will use positive language.

                                              * Students will use technology appropriately.

Helpful Hints for preparing for Testing:


 * Positive reinforcement.            * Talk with your child about the testing.

  * Make sure your child gets a good nights rest and eats a healthy breakfast.

  * Designate a specific study space for your child.   * Encourage your child. 

  * If there are any concerns, contact teacher ahead of time.


Supply List:

Pencils, Notebook Paper, Pencil Box, 5 1subject notebooks, Color pencils, Crayons, Markers,

Stick Glue, scissors, Water Bottle, 2 1inch binders, Expo markers.  


Helpful links:

Fact Monster Homework Center ( This offers a very user friendly homework help site for Geography, history, language arts, math, science, and social studies.


Parenting & Family (  Information on ages & stages, family activities & products, health & development, and other special topics. ( The U.S. Department of Education provides many resources for parents. Information  includes a “Helping Your Child” series offering information for parents in English and Spanish on topics such as helping children with science, math, reading, homework, adolescence, and school.