Authentic Chemistry

Mrs. Fryberger's Chemistry Page
Ephrata High School
Ephrata, PA

Welcome to the wonderful world of "Authentic Chemistry!" 

 My goal this year will be to help you to fine-tune your logic and problem-solving skills, and to help you to realize that matter and energy are all around you and effect you every minute of your day.  I am here to help you learn skills that will help you on your Science PSSA exam, your Chemistry Keystone exam, and in your everyday lives.  In return, I expect you to participate, to study, and to complete your assignments on time.  This class isn't bad as long as you pay attention!

Please let me know if there are any interesting links or other items that you think should be included.  For now, we have a page on Class Projects, and another page on Extra Credit.  Check it out and let me know what you think!  Laughing

Just a quick note: I put this page together because my course blog has been blocked (again), and I am tired of fighting it.  I am guessing that a solid webpage on a site designed to be used for educators won't be blocked as quickly, so here we are!

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