Ex Language Arts

Extra Language Arts - 8th Grade


This course is designed to prepare you for Honors English I next year.  It is a rigorous course to say the least, but if you give it all you got and try your best, you will do fine.  I am always open to any questions, concerns, or anything else that may arise.  My email address is cgchilders@cllteacher.org .  I check my email frequently and have it on my cell phone, so therefore a response should be fairly prompt.  The school phone number is (704) 538-2000.  I do have a voice mail, so therefore you may call and leave me a message at any time.


Week of 

We will begin "the Hunger Games" novel unit soon!!!  I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!

To schedule a conference with me, call the school (704-538-2000), or email me.

Have a EXCELLENT Week!! Coach Childers