You and your partner will ultimately be designing a package for a food product that would be sold in a retail store.  You have already learned about branding and logo design in previous classess

Step 1.  For our next class, we will be focusing on labelling laws for food products in Canada.  Below I have a link for two different articles on packaging laws. Because you are in groups of two, you must each read one article

               Canada Business Network Resource

               Important facts on Canadian labelling laws

Step 2.  Once you have finished reading the article, you must to fill out a GoogleForm I have linked below (each person will fill out the form).  There are two questions on the form that you may have to search for on the web yourself

                Google Form Canadian Label Laws

I will check the Google form for next class.  We will discuss the answers and I will give you a detailed description of your project 

Step 3.  I have linked a short video (its kind of silly).  Please view with your partner for next class.  I will leave you with one simple thing to consider while watching this video.  How will you incorporate labelling laws into your package design?

             Designing a package by hand