Honor's Academy - Math

I update the homework assignments at the beginning of each week. Please do not do the assignments before they have been taught in class. Unless otherwise noted, all homework is due the day after it is assigned. 

In order to recieve credit - ALL work must be shown. NO WORK = NO CREDIT!

** Assignments are subject to change - refer to the student planner for daily homework.


Homework Assignments - week of 5/24/10 

Monday - Integers   due 5.25.10

Tuesday - Skills Tutor no HW expected

Wednesday - Coordinate Plane    due 5.27.10

Thursday - Order of Operations worksheet   due 5.31.10

Friday - in class activity (unfinished work to be done at home)

Homework assignments - week of 5/17/10

Monday - Lesson 105    due 5.18

Tuesday - Skills Tutor  (TEST review)

Wednesday - TEST

Thursday - Lesson 106  due 5.21

Friday - Lesson 107   due 5.24