spanish 2 class/homework



                                         IN CLASS TODAY:



 12/8/09   A block: 
  •  listening part of quiz    
  • pronounce/practice 3rd paso words
  • computers:  register quia (time restraint)

D block:

  • quiz 2ndo paso capitulo 4

F block: 

  • listening part of quiz, 3rd paso pronounce/practice; register on
A:  register for quiz

D:  split sheet 3rd paso plus 6 words in sentences 

F:  worksheet; all but 19



 A:  Tercer Paso words - usage in sentences:  making plans;    Pair work:  make dialogue using these words.  Present dialogues Thursday for speaking grade                   

  A: quia:  do activity 4-3:  Completa la conversacion     use pg. 123 or split sheets

   A block class code:  GTGG694

  D:  quia:  register and do 4-3 activity  D block class code:  ENEDAH878

  F:  practice on quia:  4-3 activity   class code: MDXPMR377


 A:  presentaciones (role play)  DOP's

 D:  role play/present

 F:  DOP's

 A:  DOP worksheet-all

 D:  4-3 quia activity

 F:  DOP extra credit "shared activities"  quia

  •  review for Wednesday's chapter 4 test
  • sentences on board to review third paso
  • speaking activity:  entrevistas 


 A, F: pg. 122 entire page except for #5

  (quia:  4-3 completa la conversación if not done on the weekend)

D:  no homework

  •  review for Chapter 4 test
  • white boards/review of yesterday's homework

 D block:  test tomorrow (Wednesday)

A, F blocks:  test Thursday


     D block:  Chapter 4 test

     A/F block:  review

   D block:  Ch 5 primer paso split sheet

     A/F: Chapter 4 test

     D:  pronounce new words, review test, overview Chapter 5

   D:  no hw

   A/F:  Ch 5 primer paso split sheet

    A, D, F:  responder a las cartas a Nwbt. HS
   have chapter 5 primer paso split sheet ready for Monday
   all blocks:  chapter 5 primer paso vocab:  pronounce, practice in tú/yo forms, discuss chapter objectives

  A:  finish book exercise; worksheet #1, 2

  D:  quizlet

  F:  finish worksheet including paragraph

 12/22/09  ver Mas Barato por la Docena

  quizlet: spanish: carolgia: ponte en forma to practice primer paso vocab.

  write paragraph based on movie


  ver Mas Barato por la Docena

   disfrutnese de las vacaciones!
  •   er/ir preterit forms
  • repaso del primer paso chapter 5
  • all blocks except for A:  dormir preterito

   A block: correct errors on movie essays;  worksheet, all except for #3 (dormir)

   D block:  correct errors, do whole wksht

   F block:  wrksht #5,6,7

  •  practice:  er/ir preterito, hacer/dar/dormir/ir irregulars
   quiz tomorrow:  er/ir preterite, some irregulars, vocab.
  •  quiz primer paso
  157 split sheet segundo paso plus 5 words used in sentences (good Spanish 2 sentences!)
  •  Tu commands, pos/neg (no irregulars)
  write 5 pos. and 5 neg commands with chapter vocab
  •  Tu commands review
  • reflexive commands
 no hw
  •  review commands
  • "Vin Diesel" pneumonic devise to remember irregulars
  #3, #4 worksheet
  1/12 to 1/22
   midterms, speaking part of midterms
 1/25 to 1/29
  •      continue with chapter 5 commands, vocabulary, 3 paso
  •  angelito/diablito due (rubric/explanation given 1/25
  •  3 paso verbs, injury expressions
  • F block same, plus see video chapter 5
  hw:  worksheet 3 paso
  •  A/D blocks:  video/repasar hw, prepare for quiz Wendesday
  •  F block:  quiz

   5-3 quiz; split sheet ch 6 primer paso

  wksht on vocab
  •   A:  intro chapter 6, objectives, start primer paso vocab.
  • D, F:  practice with partners; circonlocucion
  •    A:  crossword

       D:  no hw

       F:  crossword and #1 on wksht

     2/22, 2/23
    •  6-2 vocabulario;     vocab quiz Thursday

        paragraph sequencing steps for return-trip   to  NY, use 2ndo paso vocab.