Current Classroom Events

5/14 - Thank Goodness for this beautiful, wonderful weather! We have been able to get outside and do so, so much! This week we had our introduction to invertabrates and participated in an invertabrate scavenger hunt. We also enjoyed making duck tape crafts. Some things you might see come home include flowers, flip-flops and wallets with many "accessories". We also had a great time at our last Physical Education class offered by Franklin College PE students. We hope to enjoy this experience next year as well.  We rounded up the week with a fun and exciting time at the baseball field next door, enjoying their playground and hitting some balls off a tee.

Some upcoming events include our Mini-Relay for Life and end of school celebration on the last day. The last day celebration will include a talent show and International Pot-Luck lunch, each child/family is invited to share a talent and something from their heritage.  The elementary class will also enjoy and afternoon autograph party where we will sign shirts we have made and collect signatures from our friends. Children are welcome to leave with their parents in the afternoon or stay until the normal 3:15 pick up time.

It is so wonderful to see the children fully engaged in their work and completing so much work off their plans each week. It has been a privelage to find our way together this year and I think we have all learned so much from each other. I am sad to see our school year winding down but happy that summer is nearly here!