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 What is a Montessori school?

A Montessori school is a child-centered school. Its goal is to develop the child full capacity. The child learns and discovers the world through manipulation of concrete material. In a Montessori school the child is independent, confident, self-disciplined, responsible. A Montessori school in a peaceful and respectful place were the child is happy, creative, loves to learn, and feels safe and at home.

The Renaissance School is a Montessori school devoted to Montessori Philosophy, Art, Music and language. It is Located in Oakland CA. The Renaissance School (TRS) has Pre-Primary, Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle school. There is one Pre-primary group. The Primary has four groups: 1 French Primary and 3 Spanish Primary. There are two Lower Elementary classrooms and one Upper Elementary classroom.

The international faculty and student body represent more than 30 different countries and nearly every ethnic group and major world region.

The Lower Elementary II Class

My class is the Lower Elementary II. There are three teachers. Am Ami Montessori certified guide, a French teacher and me, the Spanish elementary teacher. There are 20 children in our class: 9 children in 1st year, 5 children in 2nd year and 6 children in 3rd year. Most of the children came from the Spanish primary; therefore they know Spanish very well.

The classroom has three main rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a lunch area. Very well illuminated with natural light, soft colors, spacious area for group activities, and individual tables for individual work, a quiet corner for the Peace table or individual silent reading time. Each room is designed for a specific area of the curriculum Math and Language in one room, Cultural in another and Science/lab in another. Learning materials are displayed on accessible shelves, fostering independence as students go about their work. There is a whiteboard, a computer and an aquarium. The lunch area has large tables were, when not in use, the children can work in their projects, experiments or just to work outside.